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Re: Salsa


Chris Boot <bootc@debian.org> (2018-04-24):
> I didn't receive much feedback from the -boot team since I created the
> Salsa project and did the initial member import, but I also didn't
> remind people about it after those first few emails.

Yes, sorry for not having been more proactive on this topic. :(

> FWIW I have been using GitLab both personally and at work very
> successfully for quite a while now with my generally Git-centric
> workflow. I have no recent experience with conversions from other VCS,
> and I do understand some people's concerns about whether GitLab is the
> best fit for Debian, but I strongly believe that whilst it may require
> a bit of a mindset readjustment it's the best thing out there for us.

That's very fine. :) I was more wondering about tips and tricks for the
actual migration; but apparently Steve is happy to help with setting
things up with packages, so I would only have to deal with adapting the
l10n commit robot for new URLs.

While I'm on that topic, short brain dump: I've created it already
(di-l10n-guest), pointing to a mail address of mine for the time being;
and I've requested access to the group.

> I also must admit that I haven't had a huge amount of time lately to
> work on Debian things, much to my regret. From now on for a while I
> will have even *less* time, but with no regret now as my first child
> was born yesterday! (Mother and child doing very well, thanks, and
> email to -private will come shortly!)

Congratz. :)

> I think I will have to leave the Salsa -boot project to you and the
> rest of the team going forwards.

Thanks for having shown interest and having set up a project so much in
advance, and sorry again for not having jumped on that train at the

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