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Bug#872410: bts


I have the same problem as reported here. Hardware is an Intel NUC7i5.

Digging a little deeper into the problem it looks like a timing issue to me.

The sata-modules udeb is loaded. It contains the ahci-module and after
"depmod -a" (line 33 @ bin/hw-detect) the ahci-module appears in
"modules.dep". So far everything seems to be fine.

The problem is around "update-dev" (line 233 @ bin/hw-detect). This
issues "udevadm trigger --action=add" but after that the ahci-module
is NOT loaded.

Delaying the "update-dev" command by adding a "sleep 3" in front of it results in a normally loaded ahci-module. "sleep 2" isn't enough on my

I've no idea why.

Interestingly: placing an "udevadm control --reload" in front of "update-dev" instead of "sleep 3" does the job but it only delays the "update-dev" command by less than 1 second.


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