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Re: debootstrap and using /var/cache/apt/archives as --cache-dir

On Tue, 17 Apr 2018, Hideki Yamane wrote:
> > For all those reasons, I'm really sure that it is not a good idea
> > to enable that directory as default --cache-dir.
>  Thanks, 1 is rare, but 2 and 3 sound reasonable.
>  Then, can we make any directories for cache option by default?

You could create /var/cache/debootstrap for this purpose but I'm not
convinced that this is needed because if someone really cares about the
performance of debootstrap runs, it will likely already have optimized
the download of .deb files by using a package proxy or a local mirror.

And you already made it easier to reuse proxy settings from APT.

And again debootstrap is made to work with multiple Debian derivatives
so a single cache directory does not make a sensible default... my point
3 still holds even if it's /var/cache/debootstrap. In theory you want a
cache directory per "vendor" (debian, ubuntu, kali, etc.).

All in all I believe that it's not worth the effort.

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