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RE: Re:%20Re: Using # $Id: .. # in english documents (no subject) 205LAN CD Vendor Info Outdated 75% Off for All New Software. Layout Problem in dsa-753 webpage? Who's using Debian? Re[8]: Корпоративные, Групповые и Частные занятия у Вас дома и в офисе Berberg InterScan MSS S200INT004004( has deleted a message. (D & N) [Fwd: Re: Bad web page] Re: [UBIQUITY] Re: Organisation page and old maintainers Add checkboxes for the newish bugreport.cgi options to index.wml adding and editing Affordable - the way medications should be aiuto Bad web page Bereitstellung von Paketen The Bit-Torent servers are so slow, just wondering why? Blogger post failed BOUNCE Non-member submission from [] broken link Broken link to Debian Developer's Reference Broken link to on Re: bug in a link on a site Bug when there is a '+' sign in a maintainer email address Bug#291682: marked as done (Please add size of sources to Bug#309768: acknowledged by developer (New changelog->html conversion code) Bug#309768: marked as done ( changelog: standards-version parsed as telnet: link) Bug#313420: marked as done ( changelog to html - UTF8 & '+' bullets) Bug#315735: "United States" in top-right selectbox is not US mirror Bug#315735: marked as done ( (aka gluck) misconfigured, redirects to (aka klecker)) Bug#316668: still says Sarge is testing Bug#316862: marked as done (wrong redirection of Bug#316862: wrong redirection of Bug#317102: marked as done (please add a link to the status of the NEW queue) Bug#317102: please add a link to the status of the NEW queue Bug#317140: Display the license for Debian books Bug#317975: needs to be updated Bug#318475: $(HOME)/ports/hurd/hurd-install recommends to download upstream sources Bug#318476: marked as done ( $(HOME)devel/debian-med/talks/med/index inconsisten translations) Bug#318476: $(HOME)devel/debian-med/talks/med/index inconsisten translations Bug#318801: marked as done ( $(HOME)/ports/hurd/hurd-install referes to missing documentation (internal)) Bug#318801: $(HOME)/ports/hurd/hurd-install referes to missing documentation (internal) Bug#319040: marked as done ( english version of News/2005/20050708 does not contain link to translation) Bug#319040: english version of News/2005/20050708 does not contain link to translation Bug#319761: The BTS and bug subscriptions Re: Bug#319956: Broken link to on Bug#320027: Bugs: Should be simpler, and an 'Advanced Search' option should be available Bug#320123: support page irc client list Bug#320215: debian-accessibility: kernel-image-2.4.24-speakup no longer present Bug#320426: Releases page doesn't advise mailing list sub Bug#320438: marked as done ( Installation guide link broken) Bug#320438: Installation guide link broken buggy link on documentation page Change of contact info Changelog pages on ChevronTexaco Email Firewall Alert circa 13 mila lire per 3 CD Commands available for complaint about debian 3.1 CSS validity(?) on Danish translation of social contract. Dealing with dead (404) links Re: Debian WWW CVS commit by bertol: webwml danish/users/index.wml english/users/Ma ... Re: Debian WWW CVS commit by kreutzm: webwml/english/News/2000 20000728.wml Re: Delivery reports about your e-mail Developers map Distribution of potato release Document the bug fix policy regarding PHP Safe Mode Eerste strip van Peter Rogiers & Tom Naegels Eine neue Geldmaschine Error Everything Linux No longer allows contribution to Debian fair pussy Miranda undressing and presenting her kippy differential and cunt. Firestarter for Debian freeswan configurationz Get latest version, cds and download under $99 Re: Get this piece of shit off my site Henisa - nicht kommerzielles Kommunikations- und Lernsoftwareprojekt Re: UK -- new info If your sex life is good... then make it fantastic! Installation Debian Its me J J,....,,flaxen Re: Layout Problem in dsa-753 webpage? link problem for installation instructions LinuxBazis search engine Llegar con e-mails en masa Lynx web browser Re: Mail System Error - Returned Mail Make your girlfriend happy tonight Re: doesn't answer Moderating your message Name-brand software at low, low, low, low prices Natural remedies for sexual health Organisation page and old maintainers is down pakages 404 Patch to clarify bugnum-submitter@b.d.o Re: Persistent error in web pages Please review: adding a comment for vendors on pre-installed Prescription Drugs problem with security page Processed: Re: Bug#316668: still says Sarge is testing Processed: Re: Bug#317975: needs to be updated Processed: Re: Bug#319691: Package Web Search Processed: reassign 319691 to Processed: retitle 315735 to (aka gluck) misconfigured, redirects to (aka klecker) Processed: tagging 313420 Reference to your work remove "Upgrade instructions" in dsa-740.wml remove "Upgrade instructions" in dsa-745.wml Re: sarge netinst cd not bootable in ia64 SAVE UP TO 90% ON RETAIL PRICES! Software cds $15 and $99 get al software in 1 cd Spam mail warning notification! (LGI Policies) Spelling error in Re: spliting /users subscribe Translation of po:// Typo in dsa-743 Using # $Id: .. # in english documents? VIAGENS PROMOCIONAIS BAIXA TEMPORADA Virus ricevuto -- Virus received Who's using Debian? Who's using Debian? WE ARE ! Who's using Debian? - GFC Update Re: WHY WHY ???? Wrong files Wrong format for Wrong link in ? www.d.o/security and european parliament to vote about software patents Your Message To scoug-general The last update was on 03:40 GMT Mon Aug 14. There are 267 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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