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Re: spliting /users


Nicolas Bertolissio <nico.bertol-no-spam@free.fr> (10/03/2005):
> Le jeudi 10 mars 2005, Kaare Olsen écrit :
> > On Sun, 6 Mar 2005 20:00:14 +0100
> > Nicolas Bertolissio <nico.bertol-no-spam@free.fr> wrote:
> > 
> > > I've worked a bit on a way to split the /users page into several
> > > shorter ones, the result can be seen here:
> > >      http://people.debian.org/~bertol/users
> > 
> > Nice!  It's been badly needed for several years to split up that page
> > into more manageable ones.
> Thanks, for your comment, I can commit my work (this will turn all
> existing and up-to-date trnaslations to the new format also) but I would
> like some more comments and more consensus on this before :)
> I use the actual anchor name as filename with upper and lower case
> characters, should I transform all to lowercase?

Nicolas splited this page a few months ago, but as nobody except Kaare
gave comments on his work, nothing happened. I really think something
must be done for this page, so it would be great if others could confirm
that he can commit his work.


Thomas Huriaux

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