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*****SPAM***** 思路企业管理软件《采购、库存、生产、销售》简化版 680.00元 Time:16:08:04 4/24/2002 12:09:08 AM 4/27/2002 2:15:17 PM <packagecount> <developercount> <mirrorcount> <cdmirrorcount>? [ 'Debian' es 'Enlace del día' en] [ invalid html] Re: [ 'Debian' es 'Enlace del d' en] [Thomas Lange <>] Re: additional information for Debian Beowulf additional information for Debian Beowulf Aprenda o mejore sus idiomas Avoiding outdated Makefiles binary package counters boot-floppies documentation build failure Broken doc. links broken link Broken link in Broken link on DWN page bug report - [Date Index] points to Author Index Bug# 140677: Manual on crack when browsed at Bug#129902: marked as done (no 1998 filter for search dates) Bug#136881: marked as done (Incorrect instructions on search page) Bug#136997: marked as done ( /Bugs/server-request is incorrect) Bug#136998: minor Bug#137000: marked as done ( Create a more prominent link to page describing psuedopackages) Bug#137785: marked as done (How To Set up ssh to not ask for a password is outdated.) Bug#138147: marked as done ( DWN current page on is behind) Bug#138373: please add link to DemoLinux Bug#138802: and logs available Bug#138802: marked as done ( should have link to the log file) Bug#138802:[Patch] Please apply previously sent patch Bug#140172: marked as done (intro/why_debian.en.html: PLD also uses apt) Bug#140592: please provide next/prev/up/... link elements Bug#140592: marked as done ( please provide next/prev/up/... link elements ) Bug#140725: no link to the buildd logs in /ports/ Bug#141123: [ Bug#141123: Incorrect information in] Bug#141123: [ Bug#141123: Incorrect information in] Bug#141123: Bug#141123: Incorrect information in] Bug#141123: Incorrect information in Bug#141280: mission impossible Bug#141692: the subscription limit Bug#141721: Add Progeny User's Guide to DDP Bug#141722: Reorder DDP home page and make it more accessible Bug#142001: devel/people: duplicate entries Bug#142385: changelog's CGI is gone Bug#142895: marked as done ( truncated) Bug#142895: truncated Bug#142908: related_links: Debian implements GNU, doesn't just take utils from Bug#142910: about: broken link to project-history Bug#142910: marked as done (about: broken link to project-history) Bug#143846: english/doc/*.wml pages (patch) Bug#143859: debian-boot unarchived since 2002-04-07 Bug#143859: marked as done (debian-boot unarchived since 2002-04-07) Bug#144209: [ Re: Bug#144209: Usenet newsgroup list on] Bug#144209: Usenet newsgroup list on Bug#145025: debugging cruft in package search results Bug#145025: marked as done (debugging cruft in package search results) Bug#145037: 404 on Bug#145037: marked as done ( 404 on Bug#145037: 404 on Bug#145233: Unvalid authors addresses of Securing Debian Manual Bug#145244: Securing Debian Manual: desactivating prompt when the system is brought up Bug#145249: marked as done (outdated info about pine, or maybe the FAQ needs an update) Re: Bug#145249: pine396-src: Can't find in woody/stable Bug#49685: marked as done (list index should contain a pointer to debian-user-de) Bug#76003: marked as done (DMUP lacking guidelines section) Bug#78307: marked as done (provide<packagename> etc) Build failure on w.d.o Debian web sites Debian Wedsite Resources Re: Debian WWW CVS commit by barbier: webwml/french Makefile Bugs/Makefile CD/Makefi ... Re: Debian WWW CVS commit by kr0n: webwml/english/international Portuguese.wml Re: Debian WWW CVS commit by kraai: webwml/english intro/about.wml doc/index.wml d ... debiandoc-sgml issues (html being lynx/links unfriendly) Re: Device name for internal modem on new G4 machine? Discovery of Rare Stones of Scientific Value Drukarki e-mail address in bug report Election results not showing in official project news ? Email Addresses in Archive Error in webwml/english/doc/cvs.wml Errors at make-run errors in wml-files esto te ayuda events/2002/0705-debconf-schedule.wml -- cellspan? Favicon or apache listing logo Finding more information from package page front page translation error in Turkish html invalid link report HTML+PDF+TXT, Progeny thing ... HTTP mirror link is hard to locate on Important Message Concerning Your Membership Account. 4/23/2002 6:32:05 PM Incorrect Link on Debian.Org website. Incorrect Links Installation for I386 Re: Installation Manual for m68k has only links Issues with the woody release page/mail KONTAKT LENS FIYAT LISTES Lutfen karsilastirin.... -bxdxerku lack of space on www-master Language sort for install manuals Re-Launching TTY Connection on May 1 link error link rel="icon" Link to "Debian Guide" dont work linking the netinst image from the web pages Linux PPC listarchives , we can assist you. listarchives , Your first targeted e-mailing is FREE Lo mejor para su impresora make is breaking down with error: Manual on crack when browsed at Marinet_Webhosting Misconfigured web link. mixup with i386 vs. s390 pages? new 'powered-by' image for images page Nothing on pages!! portscan Problem finding Installing-Debian-2.2 tutorial on website problem generating PDF output for large DebianDoc docs Processed: and another few Processed: Close redundant bug Processed: Fixed Processed: forgot to cc: this to control, feh Processed: forgot to close Processed: merge 102214 142385 Processed: minor Processed: non-i386 architectures on Processed: packages.d.o bugs go against Processed: Re: Bug#142385: changelog's CGI is gone Processed: Re: Bug#145249: pine396-src: Can't find in woody/stable Processed: really, really minor Processed: reassign 145233 and 145244 harden-doc Processed: stuff Processed: tagging 130592, tagging 140592 Processed: this is wishlist and obviously nobody has any plans to fix it Processed: your mail Re: Quorum for DPL election 2002 recent mbox archives ? renaming in the cron directory, moved halfweekly cron to daily robots Re: Some Website Mirrors out of date Re: speeding up scripts by not gzipping stuff? Re: Statistics for the project leader elections 2002 available Supported Hardware Technical Committee web page TV/Uydu Yayinlarina Artik Sifre Kisitlamasi Yok! -huasptyd Unable to subscribe Unsubscribe Problems Re: unsubscribe tsaastam@cs.Helsinki.FI (fwd) Update to the vote page Updating DDP web site with new DebianDoc ??? what is the license of _old_ Debian logo? witam woody installation pages have lots of broken links zipped in 1 file? Re: zipped in 1 file? 让你在网上冲浪时狂赚美金 The last update was on 03:09 GMT Mon Aug 14. There are 272 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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