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About package motif-clients Adventskalender öffnen agsync_0.2-pre-10_i386.changes ACCEPTED Arayin Perde evinize gelsin... autobook REMOVED from testing Bug#100306: marked as done (xmcd does not work as luser with my SCSI-CD-ROM-drive) Bug#115206: marked as done (cddb: no subdirectories (e.g. country, folk, etc.) in /var/lib/cddb) Bug#116139: marked as done (xmcd: xmcd works for root, not for non-root) Bug#116139: [xmcd] Instructions on how to fix are now part of the package Bug#124159: marked as done (gtkglarea5-dev: [sparc] contains some strange .o files in /usr/lib) Bug#139144: marked as done (tapiir: doesn't really work) Bug#171922: marked as done (gtkglarea5: Minor misleading wording in description) Bug#209649: marked as done (The package description does not follow Debian policy) Bug#229693: marked as done (tapiir: no demo instructions) Bug#233993: marked as done (nast: -p option documentation inconsistent) Bug#234669: marked as done (patch for zcip-4, new option --nodefaultroute) Bug#254208: Still valid! Bug#267287: marked as done (gtkglarea5-dev: example.c not found) Bug#303330: marked as done (dhcp addressing does not seem to be supported) Bug#303331: marked as done (Request for documentation) Bug#320700: marked as done (laptop-netconf: Support for multiple devices) Bug#329156: gnome-pty-helper foo Bug#333936: mpage: Duplex option behaviour (-t) is inconsistent with upstream and with the manual page Bug#341549: marked as done (vbetool: ftbfs [sparc] sys/io.h: No such file or directory) Bug#351327: marked as done (sqlrelay: leaves /etc/sqlrelay.start after purging) Bug#395314: Bug#395314: marked as done (native package with dash version) Bug#412852: marked as done (sqlrelay: sqlr-ipclean uses deprecated (old) ipcrm arguments for shmid, semid) Bug#423211: marked as done (zcip: please build-depend on libnet1-dev) Bug#423212: marked as done (laptop-netconf: please build-depend on libnet1-dev) Bug#423213: marked as done (idswakeup: please build-depend on libnet1-dev) Bug#437294: marked as done (laptop-netconf: not handling nostrip build option (policy 10.1)) Bug#438358: marked as done (zcip: not handling nostrip build option (policy 10.1)) Bug#442917: marked as done (laptop-netconf: Purging laptop-netconf doesn't remove /etc/network/interfaces link) Bug#444061: bug against the astrolog debian package Bug#450175: marked as done (dgpsip: debian/watch fails to report upstream's version) Bug#450266: marked as done (tapiir: debian/watch fails to report upstream's version) Bug#456128: Imlib2 patch for MagicPoint Bug#458041: [tvtime] patch Bug#459990: marked as done (New upstream version 0.7.2) Bug#464012: marked as done (nast: libnet initialization with invalid interface (wmaster0)) Bug#491890: This package should not be released with lenny Bug#496411: #496411: nothing was fixed at all Bug#496411: marked as done (The possibility of attack with the help of symlinks in some Debian packages) Bug#500122: marked as done (please obscure my email address in the copyright file) Bug#502167: marked as done (URL set in homepage/control in vbetool is incorrect) Bug#507239: fixed Bug#507570: fsp: Add openbsd-inetd | inet-superserver to Depends Bug#507617: vim-latexsuite: latex-suite/packages/ngerman.vim should let g:TeX_package_ngerman = ... Bug#507853: fixed Bug#507854: fixed Bug#507859: fixed Bug#507908: fixed Bug#507911: fixed Bug#507951: picp: binary executable shows up in source tree Bug#507952: picp: inappropriate exit status on some failure types Bug#508508: fixed Bug#508529: jailtool: Does not copy hidden files Bug#508632: fixed Bug#509240: libmdbodbc: can't close database connection Bug#509350: [INTL:ja] Updated Japanese po-debconf template translation (ja.po) Bug#509368: tpconfig: [debconf_rewrite] Debconf templates and debian/control review Bug#509384: fixed Bug#509387: fixed Bug#509388: fixed Bug#509389: fixed Bug#509396: fixed Bug#509420: tpconfig: [INTL:vi] Vietnamese debconf templates translation update Bug#509423: [INTL:eu] tpconfig debconf templates basque translation update Bug#509423: New basque translation file Bug#509450: gnump3d does not support accented characters Bug#509599: tpconfig: [INTL:pt] Updated Portuguese translation for debconf messages Bug#509622: [INTL:gl] tpconfig translation to Galician Bug#509833: tpconfig: [INTL:fi] Updated Finnish translation of the debconf templates Bug#509869: fixed Bug#509990: galrey: Please add fallback dependency on graphicsmagick-imagemagick-compat Bug#510118: dnotify not work on 2.6.26, 2.6.27 and 2.6.28 Bug#510197: transcriber: Version because of conflict with tk8.5 Bug#510229: [l10n] Updated Czech translation of tpconfig debconf messages Bug#510273: wmtop: segfault Bug#510274: mgp: Crashes with X BadMatch error Bug#510276: libadplug-dev package does not depend on libbinio-dev as it should Bug#510328: ipx: postinst script uses update-modules Bug#510365: tpconfig: [INTL:de] updated german debconf translation Bug#94204: marked as done (xmcd: Security fix in -7.1 fatally flawed for scsi drives) Bug#94209: marked as done (xmcd: Security fix in -7.1 fatally flawed for scsi drives) burn_0.4.3.ds-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED Cambie tu situacion pecuniaria. CFP: American Society of Engineering Education Northeast Conference Current Vacancy at IPC, dgpsip REMOVED from testing gamazons_0.83-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED Gana extra de manera legal Gana extra de manera legal. gtkam_0.1.16-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED icemc REMOVED from testing ''Il Libro'' di Talco Talquez Perca um minuto lendo este e-mail. Receba muitos dias de prosperidade Je suis président d'une coopérative d'orpaillage au Burkina faso i think im in love wif u [ITR] templates://tpconfig/{templates} Бyxгaлтерy о новшeствах в 2009 г Духи со склада Летуаль за 50% Духи со склада летуаль 50% Духи со склада летуаль за 50% Новые GPS-карты для BMW, TOYOTA, LEXUS версия 2009, стали доступны┘ Новая GPS карта для TOYOTA, LEXUS с 2002 года версия 2009! Новогодняя СКИДКА 20% на уборочный инвентарь Страхование гражданской ответственности с франшизой 0%!!! Правила миграциoнного учeта Важно знать буxгaлтepy! Владельцам TOYOTA, LEXUS с 2002 года доступна GPS-карта версия 2009. Владельцам TOYOTA, LEXUS с 2002 года доступна новая GPS-карта России Упpавление расходами оpганизации в услoвиях финансового кризиса 1С:Предприятие 8 за 2008 руб. Скидка на проекты 40% Bажнo знaть бyхгaлтеру! Taможeнное офоpмлeние Tамoженное офopмление Tамoжeннoе oфoрмлeние laptop-netconf REMOVED from testing [LCFC] templates://tpconfig/{templates} libiodbc2_3.52.6-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED libspf2_1.2.5-4+etch1_amd64.changes INSTALLED into stable libwww-bugzilla-perl_1.3-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED licq_1.3.6-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED licq override disparity Low education? Buy University_Degree/Dip1oma/MasteerMBA, we sell at Cheap rjlc b8l Low education? Buy University_Degree/Dip1oma/MasteerMBA, we sell at Cheap xgall 1b ltp REMOVED from testing mgp_1.13a-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED Michelle mpb_1.4.2-12_i386.changes ACCEPTED mpg321 MIGRATED to testing My Dear, nedit 1:5.5-3 MIGRATED to testing nouvelle_1.0-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED pdumpfs_1.3-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED Please consider interacting with translators when introducing/modifying new debconf templates Processed: fixed 273861 in 0.1.12-2.1, closing 273861 Processed: fixed 329002 in 0.1.12-2.2, closing 329002 Processed: merging 367994 429849 Processed: merging 472398 472399 472400 Processed: Remove pending tag Processed: Re: [pkg-mad-maintainers] Bug#197726: Processed: Re: mpg321: displays wrong MPEG version Processed: Re: This package should not be released with lenny Processed: setting package to mgp, notfound 510274 in 1.13a-1 Processed: tagging 494904 Processed: tracking bugs wrongly marked as affecting stable Processed: [tvtime] patch Processed: [xmcd] 94204 duplicate with 100306 Processed: [xmcd] 94204 duplicate with 94209 Processed: your mail Processing of agsync_0.2-pre-10_i386.changes Processing of burn_0.4.3.ds-1_i386.changes Processing of gamazons_0.83-3_i386.changes Processing of gtkam_0.1.16-1_i386.changes Processing of libiodbc2_3.52.6-3_i386.changes Processing of libwww-bugzilla-perl_1.3-2_i386.changes Processing of licq_1.3.6-1_amd64.changes Processing of mgp_1.13a-1_i386.changes Processing of mpb_1.4.2-12_i386.changes Processing of nouvelle_1.0-2_i386.changes Processing of pdumpfs_1.3-3_i386.changes Processing of socket_1.1-9_i386.changes Processing of sqlrelay_0.39.4-7_i386.changes Processing of sysprof_1.0.12-1_i386.changes Processing of tpconfig_3.1.3-10_i386.changes Processing of turbogears_1.0.4.4-2_i386.changes Processing of turbojson_1.2-1_i386.changes Processing of turbokid_1.0.4-3_i386.changes Processing of wmcalc_0.3-7_amd64.changes Processing of wmcb_0.2-8_amd64.changes Processing of wmdonkeymon_0.91-6_amd64.changes Processing of wmfishtime_1.24-9_amd64.changes Processing of wmmand_1.3.2-4_amd64.changes Processing of wmmemmon_1.0.1-7_amd64.changes Processing of wmmisc_1.1-5_amd64.changes Processing of wmnetmon_0.2p6-9_i386.changes Processing of wmshutdown_0.2-2_i386.changes Processing of wmspaceweather_1.04-22_amd64.changes Processing of wmtimer_2.92-5_i386.changes Processing of wmtop_0.84-9_amd64.changes Processing of wmtz_0.7-9_amd64.changes Processing of xnc_5.0.4-3_i386.changes Processing of yydecode_0.2.10-5_i386.changes Re: [RFR] templates://tpconfig/{templates} Salary too low for u? you can buy Dip1oma/Degree/MasteerMBA easily now to upgrade your value ctacl 66 Salut! Shock and awe her with this gift socket_1.1-9_i386.changes ACCEPTED sqlrelay_0.39.4-7_i386.changes ACCEPTED sysprof_1.0.12-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED tapiir REMOVED from testing tla 1.3.5+dfsg-14 MIGRATED to testing tpconfig_3.1.3-10_i386.changes ACCEPTED turbogears_1.0.4.4-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED turbojson_1.2-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED turbokid_1.0.4-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED waproamd REMOVED from testing Weihnachtsgeld abholen %001-sbj-1% %001-sbj-2% %001-sbj-3% wmcalc_0.3-7_amd64.changes ACCEPTED wmcb_0.2-8_amd64.changes ACCEPTED wmdonkeymon_0.91-6_amd64.changes ACCEPTED wmfishtime_1.24-9_amd64.changes ACCEPTED wmmand_1.3.2-4_amd64.changes ACCEPTED wmmand override disparity wmmemmon_1.0.1-7_amd64.changes ACCEPTED wmmisc_1.1-5_amd64.changes ACCEPTED wmnetmon_0.2p6-9_i386.changes ACCEPTED wmshutdown_0.2-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED wmspaceweather_1.04-22_amd64.changes ACCEPTED wmtimer_2.92-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED wmtop_0.84-9_amd64.changes ACCEPTED wmtz_0.7-9_amd64.changes ACCEPTED xnc_5.0.4-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED xnc 5.0.4-3 MIGRATED to testing yydecode_0.2.10-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED Zwischen die geilen, Titten gespritzt The last update was on 17:47 GMT Sun Aug 16. 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