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Bug#510274: mgp: Crashes with X BadMatch error

Package: mgp
Version: 1.11b-7
Severity: grave

For every presentation I try to start (sample.mpg, sendmail6.mpg,
v6.mpg), mgp dies with an X error. I've reproduced this on several
systems (including one running pure testing). This might be the same
bug as #400105, though in that report the error message is
different. I can't reproduce this problem with mgp 1.13b-2 (the
version in unstable).

| default.mgp:15: warning: directive "tfont" not supported in this configuration
| default.mgp:15: warning: directive "tmfont" not supported in this configuration
| default.mgp:16: warning: directive "tfont" not supported in this configuration
| default.mgp:16: warning: directive "tmfont" not supported in this configuration
| default.mgp:17: warning: directive "tfont" not supported in this configuration
| default.mgp:17: warning: directive "tmfont" not supported in this configuration
| X Error of failed request:  BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)
|   Major opcode of failed request:  157 (RENDER)
|   Minor opcode of failed request:  4 (RenderCreatePicture)
|   Serial number of failed request:  292
|   Current serial number in output stream:  328

I get the following backtrace for "mgp -o sample.mgp". (I recompiled
mgp with debug info and added XSynchronize(display,True) calls.)

#0  _XError (dpy=0x1226fc0, rep=0x14130a0) at ../../src/XlibInt.c:2879
#1  0x00007f56852b0d4f in process_responses (dpy=0x1226fc0, wait_for_first_event=0, current_error=0x7fff8ef3c818, current_request=440)
    at ../../src/xcb_io.c:138
#2  0x00007f56852b10fa in _XReply (dpy=0x1226fc0, rep=0x7fff8ef3c860, extra=0, discard=1) at ../../src/xcb_io.c:370
#3  0x00007f56852a4ce3 in XSync (dpy=0x1226fc0, discard=0) at ../../src/Sync.c:48
#4  0x00007f56852a4e9b in _XSyncFunction (dpy=0x1226fc0) at ../../src/Synchro.c:37
#5  0x00007f56852b14cb in _XIDHandler (dpy=0x1226fc0) at ../../src/xcb_io.c:275
#6  0x00007f5683d96fd7 in XRenderCreatePicture (dpy=0x1226fc0, drawable=12582917, format=0x12f0b10, valuemask=0, attributes=0x7fff8ef3c910)
    at ../../src/Picture.c:99
#7  0x00007f568667668d in _XftDrawRenderPrepare (draw=0x12f6930) at ../../src/xftdraw.c:402
#8  0x00007f5686676d3d in XftDrawGlyphs (draw=0x12f6930, color=0x1412c00, pub=0x146b930, x=404, y=428, glyphs=0x7fff8ef3ca20, nglyphs=5)
    at ../../src/xftdraw.c:485
#9  0x00007f568151e27d in xft_render (win=<value optimized out>, x=612, y=428, gstring=<value optimized out>, from=0x145e178, to=0x145e2e0, reverse=0, 
    region=0x0) at m17n-X.c:1328
#10 0x00007f56849f4819 in render_glyphs (frame=0x12f5a10, win=0xc00005, x=404, y=428, width=<value optimized out>, gstring=0x140d770, 
    from_idx=<value optimized out>, to_idx=<value optimized out>, reverse=0, region=0x0) at draw.c:1187
#11 0x00007f56849f5088 in render_glyph_string (frame=0x12f5a10, win=0xc00005, x=404, y=428, gstring=0x140d770, from=0, to=11) at draw.c:1342
#12 0x00007f56849fa905 in draw_text (frame=0x12f5a10, win=0xc00005, x=404, y=428, mt=0x12f4be0, from=0, to=11, control=0x64b280) at draw.c:1648
#13 0x000000000042600e in M17N_draw_object (obj=0x1473aa0, target=12582917, x=404, y=428) at m17n.c:654
#14 0x000000000040e47b in obj_draw (state=0x65f860, target=12582917, xpos=404, ypos=370) at draw.c:2306
#15 0x000000000040bcf6 in draw_line_end (state=0x65f860) at draw.c:1061
#16 0x000000000040b6c7 in process_direc (state=0x65f860, seenpause=0x7fff8ef40ef8) at draw.c:811
#17 0x000000000040a279 in draw_page (state=0x65f860, lastcp=0x0) at draw.c:321
#18 0x000000000041378d in cache_page (state=0x65f860, page=1) at draw.c:4259
#19 0x0000000000413e91 in predraw (state=0x6463a0) at draw.c:4418
#20 0x0000000000409e95 in state_goto (state=0x6463a0, page=1, repaint=0) at draw.c:196
#21 0x000000000040866c in main_loop (start_page=1) at mgp.c:781
#22 0x00000000004077ac in main (argc=1, argv=0x1226f30) at mgp.c:481

-- System Information:
Debian Release: 5.0
  APT prefers unstable
  APT policy: (500, 'unstable'), (500, 'testing'), (1, 'experimental')
Architecture: amd64 (x86_64)

Kernel: Linux 2.6.26-1-amd64 (SMP w/1 CPU core)
Locale: LANG=nl_BE.UTF-8, LC_CTYPE=nl_BE.UTF-8 (charmap=UTF-8)
Shell: /bin/sh linked to /bin/dash

Versions of packages mgp depends on:
ii  imlib11                1.9.15-7          Imlib is an imaging library for X 
ii  libc6                  2.7-16            GNU C Library: Shared libraries
ii  libfontconfig1         2.6.0-3           generic font configuration library
ii  libgif4                4.1.6-6           library for GIF images (library)
ii  libice6                2:1.0.4-1         X11 Inter-Client Exchange library
ii  libjpeg62              6b-14             The Independent JPEG Group's JPEG 
ii  libm17n-0              1.5.2-1           a multilingual text processing lib
ii  libmng1                1.0.9-1           Multiple-image Network Graphics li
ii  libpng12-0             1.2.27-2          PNG library - runtime
ii  libsm6                 2:1.0.3-2         X11 Session Management library
ii  libtiff4               3.8.2-11          Tag Image File Format (TIFF) libra
ii  libx11-6               2:1.1.5-2         X11 client-side library
ii  libxext6               2:1.0.4-1         X11 miscellaneous extension librar
ii  libxft2                2.1.12-3          FreeType-based font drawing librar
ii  libxmu6                2:1.0.4-1         X11 miscellaneous utility library
ii  libxt6                 1:1.0.5-3         X11 toolkit intrinsics library
ii  perl [perl5]           5.10.0-18         Larry Wall's Practical Extraction 
ii  zlib1g                 1: compression library - runtime

Versions of packages mgp recommends:
ii  libjpeg-progs                 6b-14      Programs for manipulating JPEG fil
ii  netpbm [pnmtopng]             2:10.0-12  Graphics conversion tools
ii  sharutils                     1:4.6.3-1  shar, unshar, uuencode, uudecode

Versions of packages mgp suggests:
pn  asiya24-vfont            <none>          (no description available)
ii  emacsen-common           1.4.17          Common facilities for all emacsen
ii  ghostscript-x [gs]       8.62.dfsg.1-3.2 The GPL Ghostscript PostScript/PDF
ii  gs                       8.62.dfsg.1-3.2 Transitional package
ii  gsfonts-x11              0.21            Make Ghostscript fonts available t
pn  tetex-bin                <none>          (no description available)
ii  ttf-freefont             20080323-3      Freefont Serif, Sans and Mono True
pn  ttf-kochi-gothic         <none>          (no description available)
pn  ttf-kochi-mincho         <none>          (no description available)
ii  ttf-opensymbol           1:2.4.1-15      The OpenSymbol TrueType font
pn  ttf-sazanami-gothic      <none>          (no description available)
pn  ttf-sazanami-mincho      <none>          (no description available)

-- no debconf information

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