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采.购成本降低技巧高 级 研 修 班22:48:36 реклама за 3.5 копейки бм Бyxгaлтepу о новшеcтвax в 2009 г Дoгoвoры в cтpoитeльcтвe Дoговоpы в cтpoительcтвe Клуб "Sorry,Бабушка" предлагает Вашему вниманию афишу на неделю Нaзначениe кaссирa Нaдo срoчно пpодать? Налoги: поcледниe измeнения Сoгpeвающая pоcкошь! Сeминар для бухгaлтерa Скачаешь ХXX видео? Семинар для буxгaлтepa Служба доcтавки реклaмных писeм Продается полуподвал 358 м.кв. Россия Фирмы ВЭД РОССИИ. 2008 год. 3 квартала. Тpaнcпоpтный нaлoг (бyхгaлтepу) Тpaнcпортный нaлог (бyхгaлтeру) Тpaнспортный налог (бухгaлтepy) Тpанcпоpтный налoг (бyхгалтеру) Тpанcпоpтный налог (бухгалтеpу) 646-07-20 хорошая реклама за небольшие деньги 646-07-20 пора начинать работать! e-mail рассылки 648-67-61 реклама Coстaв зaтрат в сeбестоимocти Cеминap для бухгалтeра FW: В аренду сдается одноэтажное здание. Fwd: Проверенный вариант от надежной компании Heсостоявшиeся торги Hалоги: пocлeдниe измeнeния Hесостоявшиеся торги Re: Контроль за исполнением законодательных норм Re: Предложение шиномонтаж Taмoженное оформлeниe Tеплo в спальнe [0]: дипломы, аттестаты [7]: Мы работаем для Вас. Рассылки 660-35-06 [7]: Не трать время на учебу, купи диплом [1]: Не плати деньги за учебу, купи сразу диплом [9]: Не трать время на учебу, купи диплом [9]: Рассылки по e-mail 660-35-06 [3]: Купите себе диплом [3]: т. (495)660-35-06Рассылка для Вас [3]: т.6603506( Реклама в интернете [3]: Рассылка для Вас т. (495)660-35-06 Re: Alex lädt Dich zum Geldverdienen ein anymeal_0.30-8_i386.changes ACCEPTED Bitte ficke mich im Auto ! bsdgames_2.17-16_i386.changes ACCEPTED Bug#153597: marked as done (README.remote is missing the STOP command) Bug#156646: Just the best available internet store for manss! Bug#174975: This bug is solved Bug#197726: mpg321: displays wrong MPEG version Bug#211095: marked as done (mpg321: Man page fails to mention "-b" flag.) Bug#230962: marked as done (xaos: cannot cope with funny characters) Bug#243282: (no subject) Bug#254208: Still valid! Bug#313157: Severity Change Request and Reproduction Request Bug#3175: marked as done (xonix colors bad for colorblind) Bug#330469: fixed Bug#333180: marked as done (Files installed by mpg321 not known by the package system) Bug#337218: Severity Change Request Bug#345032: marked as done (astrolog -He <&- loops) Bug#345033: marked as done (astrolog/README.1ST repeates info) Bug#352539: fixed Bug#361346: fixed Bug#370142: ion3-scripts: statusd_mpd.lua causes statusd to "hang" Bug#383917: Patches Missing; New Version to Test Bug#383920: Time to close? Bug#413082: marked as done (tramp: Use a blacklist for flavours) Bug#416237: more information needed Bug#417842: explanations Bug#427095: fixed Bug#427096: fixed Bug#432630: Try: Action > Hub Search (or Ctrl+S) Bug#436494: marked as done (avrp: not handling nostrip build option (policy 10.1) sid/i386) Bug#444061: marked as done (astrolog: Placalc code not distributable) Bug#444062: marked as done (astrolog: Examples should go in examples directory) Bug#444064: marked as done (sorting by altitude fails) Bug#444068: marked as done (astrolog: no man page) Bug#444069: marked as done (astrolog: config file not installed) Bug#457022: fixed Bug#471121: (no subject) Bug#471121: FW: Re: Bug#471121: (no subject) Bug#471121: marked as done (xli: resource leaks leads to denial of service of X) Bug#471121: xli: resource leaks leads to denial of service of X Bug#472662: galternatives: Please upload a new version Bug#473905: marked as done (tramp: Please rename package to emacs21-tramp) Bug#475024: [Fwd: Re: [html2ps-users] Only first page is printed] Bug#475024: [html2ps-users] Only first page is printed Bug#475781: fixed Bug#480477: fixed man page Bug#482936: marked as done (ssystem: please update to the new menu structure) Bug#496411: #496411: nothing was fixed at all Bug#496411: Closing Bug#496411: marked as done (The possibility of attack with the help of symlinks in some Debian packages) Bug#500974: marked as done (f-prot-installer doesn't install) Bug#503702: lockvc: Segfaults. Bug#504174: xoids has no .desktop file Bug#504529: IKVM bug Bug#504558: [tvtime] window disappears when 'f' is assigned Bug#504615: masqmail: [INTL:fr] French debconf templates translation update Bug#504794: thanks Bug#504862: marked as done (FTBFS with GCC 4.4: missing #include) Bug#504940: FTBFS with GCC 4.4: missing #include Bug#505017: FTBFS with GCC 4.4: missing #include Bug#505098: fixed Bug#505128: fixed Bug#505213: do not depend on tk Bug#505213: x11vnc depends on the tk8.4 package Bug#505308: bad short description Bug#505730: masqmail: [INTL:ru] Russian debconf templates translation update Bug#505730: thanks Bug#505794: [INTL:sv] Swedish strings for masqmail debconf Bug#505794: thanks Bug#505867: gimageview: keys for scrolling in fullscreen mode Bug#505881: gimageview: eats up memory (endless loop?) on some SVG Bug#506032: gimageview: gimv segfaults by opening a new folder in thumbnail-viewer Bug#506272: CVE-2008-5145: allows local users to overwrite arbitrary files via a symlink attack Bug#506448: htdig: every day I receive error messages Bug#506500: gnuift: Missing --install argument to libtoolize call Bug#506703: new version (0.1.22) for amavis-stats Bug#506726: tvtime should recommend/suggest oss-compat pkg Bug#506892: marked as done (mpg321: Fails to remove/purge) Bug#506892: mpg321: Fails to remove/purge Bug#507011: x11vnc: SSL-enabled java applet seems to be missing Bug#507025: Acknowledgement (xml-resume-library: Create link in PDF output) Bug#507025: xml-resume-library: Create link in PDF output Bug#507103: xdkcal: buffer overflow when handling environmental variables Bug#507142: fixed Re: Bug#507189: asterisk: Depends on libc-client2007b which is not in unstable Re: Bug#507189: asterisk: Depends on libc-client2007b which is not in unstable Bug#507282: xmcd: Missing mode to open() calls with O_CREAT Capital City Energy (CETG.OB) Clickthrough to achieve recoginition devtodo_0.1.20-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED Get back to me asap Hol Dir Dein Geld ab Just the best available internet store foor mans! Just the best available internet store for mans! Just the best available internet store for manss! Just the best availlable internet store for mans! Just thee best available internet store for mans! Kartvizitlerinizi ucretsiz hediye olarak yapiyoruz... libfile-counterfile-perl_1.04-3_amd64.changes ACCEPTED liblog-loglite-perl_0.82-6_amd64.changes ACCEPTED libspf2_1.2.5-4+etch1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED LOVE PRESENTS: Common LIVE + Tigger + V.I.P. + FREE til 11 mdbtools: [PATCH] Fixes in odbc.c to return size of returned strings and handle OLE data mpg321 MIGRATED to testing mpg321_0.2.10.5_i386.changes ACCEPTED mpg321_0.2.10.6_amd64.changes REJECTED mpg321_0.2.10.6_i386.changes ACCEPTED nedit_5.5-3_amd64.changes ACCEPTED new sloots games An ORACAL Website Page Sent From: Processed (with 1 errors): your mail Processed: #496411: nothing was fixed at all Processed: close Processed: control Processed: explanations Processed: fixed Processed: fixed man page Processed: merging 426260 426311 ... Processed: more information needed Processed: mp3splt Processed: Patches Missing; New Version to Test Processed: Please check if bugs still apply; if not, close them Processed: Re: mpg321: displays wrong MPEG version Processed: reassign 475024 to taxbird Processed: retitle 475024 to Only one page visible in output ps file Processed: thanks Processed: This bug is solved Processed: your mail Processing of anymeal_0.30-8_i386.changes Processing of bsdgames_2.17-16_i386.changes Processing of devtodo_0.1.20-3_i386.changes Processing of libfile-counterfile-perl_1.04-3_amd64.changes Processing of liblog-loglite-perl_0.82-6_amd64.changes Processing of mpg321_0.2.10.5_i386.changes Processing of mpg321_0.2.10.6_amd64.changes Processing of mpg321_0.2.10.6_i386.changes Processing of nedit_5.5-3_amd64.changes Processing of pump_0.8.24-5_amd64.changes Processing of ssystem_1.6-18_i386.changes Processing of storebackup_1.19-7_i386.changes Processing of wmcube_0.99-pre1-3_i386.changes Processing of wmfsm_0.34-12_i386.changes Processing of wmnd_0.4.12-2.2_i386.changes Processing of wsola_4.9-2_i386.changes pump_0.8.24-5_amd64.changes ACCEPTED QUANTUM FELSEFESi Quieres ingresos extras legales? Salut mon ami! Seks na karnavale spong 2.7.7-22 MIGRATED to testing ssystem_1.6-18_i386.changes ACCEPTED storebackup_1.19-7_i386.changes ACCEPTED to be continue URGENT PLAESE.OPEN THE Will you attend? RSVP to this invitation wmcube_0.99-pre1-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED wmfsm_0.34-12_i386.changes ACCEPTED woorld crisis world ccrisis world criisis world crisiss world crissis wsola_4.9-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED You have 1 unread message You have 1 unread message You have 1 unreaad message You have 1 unread meessage You have 1 unread messaage You have 1 unread messagee You have 1 unreadd message You have 1 unrread message YYou have 1 unread message The last update was on 18:43 GMT Sun May 13. There are 255 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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