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Bug#370142: ion3-scripts: statusd_mpd.lua causes statusd to "hang"


I wrote this script originally and just found this bugreport; sorry about that!

The script's been rewritten upstream by Marc Hartstein to use the LuaSocket library (package liblua50-socket2) instead of netcat to talk to mpd, and also to keep a connection to mpd open instead of opening a new one per update. That makes everything better behaved, so I'd recommend switching to it. It's under a new name, though, statusd_mpd-socket.lua.

The version of ion3-scripts in Debian isn't new enough to have it yet, so in the interim it can be found at:

When I initially wrote this script I didn't have the reported problems, but on a new machine I do. Not entirely sure what the root cause is (it doesn't seem connection failures should actually crash the whole statusbar), but since it's mostly a moot point now I haven't done a lot of debugging.


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