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Bug#503702: lockvc: Segfaults.


On Wed, 2008-10-29 at 21:25:50 +0100, Moritz Muehlenhoff wrote:
> Kurt Roeckx wrote:
> > Package: lockvc
> > Version: 4.0.5-6
> > Severity: serious

> > It seems that lockvc sometimes segfaults on me.  It's not doing it all
> > time, but atleast once a week.

If there was a backtrace I might try to fix it, it could even be a
problem in svgalib itself, but that might also depend on the driver
being used.

> > I'm setting it to serious since the console is unlocked at that point,
> > and so I consider it to be not useful at all.
> Given that we have vlock as a proper and proven replacement (and which
> is also portable and not depending on svgalib) we should just remove
> lockvc. CCing Guillem, the former maintainer for his opinion.

It also runs as suid root, and busy loops while "screen saving", so if
Kurt cannot provide a backtrace then I guess removing makes sense.
Still I'd be interested to know if this is really lockvc's fault or
svgalib's, as the latter might affect other programs.


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