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Bug#417842: explanations

tags 417842 fixed
tags 417842 pending


thanks for the bug report.

I added appropriate log messages for non-existing and empty alias

In case of empty alias files, mail is delivered as expected now. And a
log message (notice) is written.

In case of being unable to open the alias file, no delivery was made,
in the former versions. Now delivery is made, but without aliasing. A
log message (alert) is written.
It should be no problem to deliver without aliasing in that case.

(btw: If no alias file is specified in masqmail.conf, no aliasing is
done at all.)

About Marcos patch:
Thanks for it---it helped much to start right off working on the bug.
The problem with your patch is, that -1 is not of type GList*. So it
is no valid return value.
Therefor I chose the solution decribed above.

About /etc/aliases:
This file is not needed by masqmail---one may use any file as alias
file. Thus I don't care for it to be available or not.
Nevertheless /etc/aliases the place where one wants to put the data
most likely.
However, I think there is no need to treat this location special. So I
will not file a bug against something, here.

wait for the next version to fix the problem.


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