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Bug#475024: [html2ps-users] Only first page is printed

hi, there is a bug in your html that even tidy doesn't find. you have two
consecutive <table width=1024> tags around line number 139. remove one of
them and it will work (at least it did here)


Joachim Breitner schrieb:
Hi html2ps-userlist,

is a postscrit file that, when ran through html2ps, only creates one
page, the rest is missing. See
for the output I’m getting.

Actually, opening of printing the ps file only shows the first page,
although it sems to contain the other pages as well.

This is a bad bug for users of the taxbird program, which utilizes

Do you have an idea what’s causing this?


PS: I’m not subscribed. Please CC me, and the debian bug adress, on


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