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Bug#505213: x11vnc depends on the tk8.4 package

| hallo,
| I for sure do not want to have tk8.4 installed only for a x11vnc feature 
| I am not going to use ever.

I'm not sure I understand your argument.  Are you saying most Debian
users feel the same way?

In any event, the main thing driving this request that Debian record
and install x11vnc's dependency on tk is that for this RFE (menu item):


the way the fix for it has been implemented upstream (x11vnc 0.9.6)
enables access to x11vnc for a larger class of users, i.e. naive desktop
users.  x11vnc's gui is used to interact with these users.  Even for
less-than-naive users it's not clear to me how x11vnc could startup in
the background without some sort of interaction with the user.


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