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adelaide infinitive Re: Alert - The Market Movers and Shakers Alert - Trading Report For Micro-Cap Re: anomalous Anyone can be fit for success ATTENTION - Investors Need To Know Re: blowout bouncy-castle4u Bug#102972: marked as done (dosemu only works on X enviroment) Bug#103434: falconseye: SDL seems to be the problem Re: Bug#121201: Feeling great is not a fantasy! Bug#126176: marked as done (Console support to be phased out in favour of X) Bug#164538: marked as done (gfax: New upstream version) Bug#199085: marked as done (falconseye: plays music even if disabled / sound doesn't work) Bug#199085: Sound effects Bug#225674: marked as done (slimp3: new upstream version available) Bug#249242: marked as done (dosemu: midid missing) Bug#252909: marked as done (Segfaults when CDing into dosemu directory) Bug#256280: marked as done (psh: Theme clock does not work properly) Bug#257939: More info about this Bug#268664: marked as done (dosemu: purge destroys user data) Bug#287204: marked as done (Debian package log4cpp outdated) Bug#294316: fixed Bug#298194: [Ralf Stubner] Re: [Fwd: Old ConTeXt with new LModern fonts] Bug#301095: marked as done (There are no Gnome/Kde menu entry for dosemu) Bug#302661: marked as done ('man Xdialog' typos: "functionnalities", "occured", & "omited") Bug#306532: marked as done (xdialog: New upstream version) Bug#306762: falconseye manpage Bug#306762: marked as done (falconseye: Missing manpage for falconseye) Bug#307021: marked as done ('man mkfatimage16' typo: "socalled") Bug#307351: marked as done (ud: location for data file incorrectly documented) Bug#319712: Not fixed in 93-1 Bug#328493: marked as done (ud: doesn't remove /var/lib/misc/uptime.record) Bug#328652: marked as done (dosemu: new upstream version) Bug#329717: marked as done (Catalan translation) Bug#331623: marked as done (dosemu: please update with newer libslang version) Bug#332275: marked as done (xdialog: timebox don't display user time HH:MM:SS) Bug#332478: marked as done (dosemu: cannot override DOSDRIVE_D environment variable) Bug#335899: marked as done (RFA: lmodern -- scalable PostScript fonts for european character sets) Bug#341728: marked as done (new upstream version available) Bug#342815: About problems in kernel 2.4 Bug#342815: marked as done (Xdialog: syntax error leads to infinite memory allocation loop) Bug#343783: marked as done (Please upgrade build depends to libmysqlclient15-dev) Bug#345100: disabling xine will make pornview work Bug#345483: marked as done (psh(1p) man page doesn't mention zoidberg Perl shell) Bug#348697: Bug reproducible, faulty version is 7.0 Bug#348906: marked as done (lmodern warnings with bullets and cdots) Bug#349189: marked as done (diff for 0.4.5-3.1 NMU) Bug#349198: marked as done (diff for 0.6-3.1 NMU) Bug#349739: marked as done (dfm: [INTL:sv] Swedish PO translation) Bug#350122: fixed Bug#350690: marked as done (libzvt: FTBFS: Missing linkage with -lpangox-1.0) Bug#350949: tripwire [INTL] Portuguese translation for debconf's messages Bug#351016: 'man dosemu' typos: "elsewere", "wether", "singlestep", "programm", etc. Bug#351016: marked as done ('man dosemu' typos: "elsewere", "wether", "singlestep", "programm", etc.) Bug#351050: ipw2200-source: upstream version 1.0.10 is available Bug#351052: ieee80211-source: new upstream version 1.1.9 Bug#351111: Please stop building the modules for python2.1/python2.2 Bug#351319: SETI@Home classic is dead, so wmufo is unusable Bug#351371: rxvt-unicode-ml: fails to load xft fonts Bug#351371: rxvt-unicode-ml fail to start up Bug#351371: This bug could be fixed by rebuild. Bug#351872: urxvt-unicode missing terminfo Bug#352026: marked as done (nco - FTBFS: Build depends against not available package netcdfg3) Bug#352026: nco - FTBFS: Build depends against not available package netcdfg3 Bug#352101: marked as done (dosemu: repackage with dosemu-freedos and xfonts-dosemu included) Bug#352168: Reproducible bug on rxvt-unicode (xft unrecognized) Bug#352168: rxvt-unicode: Xft fonts broken with upgrade Bug#352168: Upgrading Bug#352257: dosemu: don't use the name "freedos" Bug#352266: dosemu: midid has no man page Bug#352482: [Debian-audit] Re: Bug#352482: metamail: crashes with very long boundaries in messages Bug#352482: It's a vuln Bug#352482: marked as done (metamail: [CVE-2006-0709] crashes with very long boundaries in messages) Bug#352482: metamail: crashes with very long boundaries in messages Bug#352482: (no subject) Bug#352516: marked as done (no mention of /etc/pshrc in man page) Bug#352516: no mention of /etc/pshrc in man page Bug#352517: change to /etc/pshrc Bug#352517: marked as done (change to /etc/pshrc) Bug#352566: doxymacs: should put compiled files earlier on load-path Bug#352568: dosemu: automatic detection of keyboard layout Bug#352572: debianize message about missing dosemu-freedos Bug#352851: dfm: update copyright to reflect correct project page Bug#352851: marked as done (dfm: update copyright to reflect correct project page) Bug#352852: dfm: New upstream release 0.99.9 Bug#352852: marked as done (dfm: New upstream release 0.99.9) Bug#353062: [Fwd: Bug in Tripwire] Bug#353539: marked as done (metamail: [CVE-2006-0709] crashes with very long boundaries in messages) Bug#353539: metamail: crashes with very long filenames in messages Bug#353552: falconseye: Architecture independent files in /usr/lib Bug#353859: ttf-thryomanes: FTBFS: can't parse dependency Bug#354359: enscript: debian/watch Bug#354416: metamail: test="xxx" field isn't passed the correct value of '%s' Bug#354508: catdvi: please switch to libkpathsea4 Bug#354584: cursive fonts are displayed as boxes Bug#354585: weird pixelised display of some unicode characters Bug#354769: kdoc: documentation missing and/or duplicated Bug#354776: Missing dependency libxft1 on etch Bug#6118: marked as done (dosemu docs out of sync with config file locations) Bug#82435: SIGSEGV -- trying to open file in proc catdvi_0.14-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED Re: cleanliness crank_0.1.4-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED dancer-ircd_1.0.36-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED dancer-ircd_1.0.36-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED dancer-services_1. ACCEPTED debugger indignation dfm_0.99.9-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED Diskless* dosemu_1.2.2-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED dosemu 1.2.2-2 MIGRATED to testing doxymacs REMOVED from testing Feb 06, 2006 Update Released Feb 07, 2006 Wall Street Tip Sheet Fw: February 07, 2006 Can You Afford To Ignore Small Caps? Fw: February 09, 2006 The Smallcap Journal FYI: bugfix for falconseye getting to know you gkrelldnet_0.14.2-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED goobox_0.9.93-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED Hotpenny Stocks increasing Re: injunction 未承諾広告※ 技術翻訳(Technical Translation) jython_2.1.0-21_i386.changes ACCEPTED libaudio-wav-perl 0.05-1 MIGRATED to testing libzvt_2.0.1cvs20021009-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED libzvt 2.0.1cvs20021009-5 MIGRATED to testing Re: Little Stocks Sizzle Sometimes looking for you Low self-es teem? manpages-ko_20050219-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED metamail_2.7-50_i386.changes REJECTED metamail_2.7-51_i386.changes ACCEPTED metamail 2.7-51 MIGRATED to testing mysql-navigator_1.4.2-7_i386.changes ACCEPTED mysql-navigator 1.4.2-7 MIGRATED to testing nco_2.9.9-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED News for Forward-Thinking Investors NOTIFICATION - Bottoming Stock? Notification creation Re: present Processed: 353539 tags security patch severity serious merge 352482 Processed: bad cloning Processed: Clarify title Processed: control Processed: Fixed in NMU of falconseye 1.9.3-15 Processed: found Processed: increasing severity of bug 268664 to critical Processed: merging falconseye bugs Processed: patch Processed: Re: Bug#345100: disabling xine will make pornview work Processed: Re: Bug#351111: Please stop building the modules for python2.1/python2.2 Processed: Re: Bug#352482: metamail: crashes with very long boundaries in messages Processed: Re: Bug#354776: Missing dependency libxft1 on etch Processed: Re: Bug#82435: SIGSEGV -- trying to open file in proc Processed: retitle Processed: retitle 345100 to libxine1 makes pornview segfault on startup Processed: retitle 352482 to metamail: [CVE-2006-0709.] crashes with very long boundaries in messages Processed: retitle 353539 352482 metamail: [CVE-2006-0709] crashes with very long boundaries in messages Processed: severity 352482 serious Processed: split dosemu bug Processed: submitter 353062 Processed: tagging 68772 Processed: tag patch Processed: trivial patch Processed: version Processing of catdvi_0.14-4_i386.changes Processing of crank_0.1.4-3_i386.changes Processing of dancer-ircd_1.0.36-4_i386.changes Processing of dancer-ircd_1.0.36-5_i386.changes Processing of dancer-services_1. Processing of dfm_0.99.9-1_i386.changes Processing of dosemu_1.2.2-1_i386.changes Processing of gkrelldnet_0.14.2-6_i386.changes Processing of goobox_0.9.93-1_i386.changes Processing of jython_2.1.0-21_i386.changes Processing of libzvt_2.0.1cvs20021009-5_i386.changes Processing of manpages-ko_20050219-1_i386.changes Processing of metamail_2.7-50_i386.changes Processing of metamail_2.7-51_i386.changes Processing of mysql-navigator_1.4.2-7_i386.changes Processing of nco_2.9.9-2_i386.changes Processing of psh_1.8-6_i386.changes Processing of rxvt-unicode_7.5-1_i386.changes Processing of sufary_2.1.1-7_i386.changes Processing of ttf-thryomanes_1.2-1_i386.changes psh_1.8-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED [RE] NOTIFICATION - Inv Update Re: reply rxvt-unicode_7.5-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED Re: Stock News Blast sufary_2.1.1-7_i386.changes ACCEPTED swim of madonna Re: These Shares Poised for a Run? ttf-thryomanes_1.2-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED [upload] ITA: wmitime -- yet another clock dock app for Window Maker We assure you that we can get you laid What is the SMS format on TAP protocol? windowlab 1.33-2 MIGRATED to testing RE: You have to check this out :) yudit 2.7.8-3 MIGRATED to testing yydecode 0.2.10-3 MIGRATED to testing The last update was on 17:49 GMT Sun Aug 16. 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