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Bug#352517: change to /etc/pshrc

Package: psh
Version: 1.8-5 0
Severity: wishlist
Tags: patch


in order to fix bug #344030 for users of psh I need to execute 
some code in /etc/psh (there unfortunately doesn't seem to be a 
non-shell-specific way to deal with the corner case in that bug).

Attached are patches with 2 competing solutions to do so:
1) modularized_pshrc: this adds looking for a /etc/pshrc.d
   directory and sourcing all scripts in that directory when present
   -> IMO this is the preferred solution as:
      - it can be used by other packages also (e.g. the user-es, and user-de 
        configuration packages could use this to configure things for zsh
      - doesn't clutter the system unnecessarely (though minimally) when
        desktop-profiles isn't installed .
2) with_bugfix_pshrc: this just adds the shell-snippet needed to fix
   bug #344030 directly into /etc/pshrc
Cheers, cobaco

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Description: Perl program

# The following sources all perl scripts in /etc/pshrc.d, thus allowing for
# modularized customization of the shell environment
if ( -d '/etc/pshrc.d') {
  forfile '/etc/pshrc.d/*.pl' Psh::process_file($_);

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