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Bug#351371: This bug could be fixed by rebuild.

Haifeng Chen @ 2006-02-12 (Sunday), 16:54 (+0800)
> I just download the debian source package, extract it, change version
> to 7.5-1.1 then use dpkg-buildpackage to rbuild it.

Since rebuilding the package makes it work for me too, my guess is that
this bug is a result of that binary packages are not rebuilt by the
buildd for the platform which the binary package was uploaded for?

There are no i386 builds listed at the following page, so I guess that
platform is the one uploaded.


If anyone could re-build and re-upload the package from a clean
environment, I might all work...

It could also be that building against etch works, while building in sid

Does anyone reading this have access to a non-i386 platform, to see if
the package works there?

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