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Re: Alert - The Market Movers and Shakers

We pick our companies based on there growth potential.

Trade Date : 2006, Feb 09
Name : Pingchuan Pharmaceutical, Inc.
S t o c k : P G C N Profits of 300-500 % EXPECTED
Opening Price : $1.09
Projection 3 to 5 Days : $3 - $4
Status : 100-300%

It has been showing a steady move up on increasing volume.
The chart on P G C N is a thing of beauty as it shows what we mentioned earlier slow and steady upward movement.
That would be well over a 300% gain from these levels.
GET IN NOW!!! You know the old saying, buy the rumor and sell on the news.
This company is doing incredible things.
Big news expected. This should invoke LARGE gains.
Explosive pick for our members.
Talk about flying under the radar?  Isn't that what we look for?
Put it on your radar screen right now.

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