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Bug#351371: This bug could be fixed by rebuild.

On Thu, Feb 16, 2006 at 02:32:20PM +0100, Martin Samuelsson wrote:
> Haifeng Chen @ 2006-02-12 (Sunday), 16:54 (+0800)
> > I just download the debian source package, extract it, change version
> > to 7.5-1.1 then use dpkg-buildpackage to rbuild it.
> Since rebuilding the package makes it work for me too, my guess is that
> this bug is a result of that binary packages are not rebuilt by the
> buildd for the platform which the binary package was uploaded for?
> There are no i386 builds listed at the following page, so I guess that
> platform is the one uploaded.
Yep, you can see that here:

> If anyone could re-build and re-upload the package from a clean
> environment, I might all work...
You might email debian-release to ask for a rebuild, though they will
probably want to have the maintainer request it, and know why the
rebuild is necessary.

> It could also be that building against etch works, while building in sid
> fails.
You could test this with pbuilder, without having to upgrade to sid.

> Does anyone reading this have access to a non-i386 platform, to see if
> the package works there?
If you can give concrete steps to reproduce the problem, I can do so
on amd64.


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