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Bug#387068: marked as done (please consider local_mirror) Bug#387069: Please consider dchroot Bug#388771: New patch Bug#390078: live-package: xserver-xorg fails to install Bug#390078: marked as done (live-package: xserver-xorg fails to install) Bug#390378: marked as done (LIVE_PROXY_HTTP/FTP also for creating the chroot) Bug#394226: make-live: Cannot handle non-codename distributions Bug#394226: marked as done (make-live: Cannot handle non-codename distributions) Bug#394301: make-live: Problems with multiple initrd images Bug#394308: casper: Wait for usb device to be detected Bug#394334: make-live: Should clean up after itself Bug#394554: casper: Boot from non-CD non-usb devices Bug#394686: [PATCH] fix casper-getty setup casper_1.71+debian-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED casper 1.71+debian-1 MIGRATED to testing casper_1.77+debian-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED casper_1.77+debian-1_i386.changes REJECTED casper_1.77+debian-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED casper override disparity Change Gnome or Kde graphics Change Initial Splash Screen background Follows up: X won't start fromhd= support a la knoppix (e.g. boot from compressed image on hard drive or CF) fromhd= support a la knoppix (e.g. boot from compressed image on hard drive or CF) fromhd= support a la knoppix (e.g. boot from compressed imageon hard drive or CF) live-package_0.99.10-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED live-package_0.99.11-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED live-package 0.99.11-1 MIGRATED to testing live-package_0.99.12-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED live-package_0.99.9-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED live-package 0.99.9-1 MIGRATED to testing [PATCH 0/2] Small improvements done by us [PATCH 0/4] Generalizations need for O.S. Systems use [PATCH 1/2] Fix preseeding support [PATCH 1/4] Add support to LIVE_BOOTSTRAP_CONFIG option [PATCH 2/2] Remove kernel backups before handle linux image [PATCH 2/4] Allow 'BASE' to be overriden [PATCH 3/4] Avoid script backup files [PATCH 4/4] Support a different set of packages related to kernel Processed: your mail Processing of casper_1.71+debian-1_i386.changes Processing of casper_1.77+debian-1_i386.changes Processing of casper_1.77+debian-2_i386.changes Processing of live-package_0.99.10-1_i386.changes Processing of live-package_0.99.11-1_i386.changes Processing of live-package_0.99.12-1_i386.changes Processing of live-package_0.99.13-1_i386.changes Processing of live-package_0.99.9-1_i386.changes Resolved: Change Initial Splash Screen background Reuse existing chroot? wiki italian translation X won't start The last update was on 11:46 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 81 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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