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Bug#394686: [PATCH] fix casper-getty setup

I have just taken a look at the bzr verision... it looks broken.

There are 2 components that have been mixed up...
(1) using casper-getty to do auto-login.
(2) automatically ensuring there is a getty on the serial line if
there is a serial console (which just happens to use casper-getty).

It seem that the serial console setection code has been moved into the
casper script from 25configure_init.

During this move the logic has been changed so that in casper script
the console has to be serial for the CASPERGETTY to be exported...
this is  (in my opinion) wrong.

The attached patch (avainst bzr repo) exports CASPERGETTY and
DEFCONSOLE _independently_ in  in casper.

The test "is DEFCONSOLE = serial" is moved back into 25configure_init.
If the test is  to be left in casper then in my opinion the variable
should be renamed to SERCONSOLE, however I prefer to leave it as
DEFCONSOLE as it may be usefull elsewhere.

The patch also fixes up 25configure_init to do the tasks (1) and (2)
At some stage someone ought to write a casper-getty stanza for the
event.d mechanism... another day!

Alex Owen

On 22/10/06, Marco Amadori <marco.amadori@gmail.com> wrote:
> Alle 15:41, domenica 22 ottobre 2006, Alex Owen ha scritto:
> > The attached patch fixes the casper-getty setup.
> > There were reports that it did not work on cdrom boots. I don't think
> > the code in 1.71+debian1 could have worked at all net or cd boot. I
> > have tested the new code by booting a cdrom image using qemu. This
> > test shows the code works.
> A similar patch was already lying in bzr repository, thanks anyway for that,
> will be fixed in the next upload.
> P.S. Since the repository is public, as a suggestion, look in here before
> sending patches to avoid duplicated efforts.
> --
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