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Change Initial Splash Screen background

Anthony Godshall wrote:
> The knoppix remastering wiki, if I recall correctly, has good
> instructions on how to create an rle file.  It worked for me the last
> time I customized knoppix. 
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> Subject: Change Initial Splash Screen background
> Hello everybody!
> Any advice on changing the splash with live image red image?
> There is a .rle in templates which I think it's the file but rletopnm
> gives me a beautiful segfault :-)
> What is the creation process of this?
> Thanks in advance, Marco Ghirlanda
speaking about this? May I just rename logo.16 to logo.rle?

thanks for the tip :-)

still maybe the devs here can explain something. I will add to the wiki
if they think it's worth.

      Changing the boot graphic

The 'boot graphic' is the first image you see when the CD or DVD boots.
It looks similar to ASCII art and it is normally something flashy that
says 'Knoppix'. You can change this to be any graphic that you please,
but you must use a 640x480 graphic that has only 16 colors.

   1. Change to the /mnt/hda1/knx/master/boot directory. Swap
      '/mnt/hda1/' for whatever disk you are using.

            cd /mnt/hda1/knx/master/boot

   2. Back up your old logo in case you break things.

            mv logo.16 logo.16.backup

   3. Make a 640x480 pixel 16 color graphic and save it as a GIF, e.g.
      'logo.16.gif'. GIMP can easily do this. Note, you can use a
      graphic that originally had more than 16 colors, but it is
      critical that you conver the graphic to 16 colors before doing the
      next step.
   4. Convert the GIF to lss16 using the tools included on the Knoppix CD.

            giftopnm < 640x400x16.gif > logo.ppm
            ppmtolss16 <logo.ppm > logo.16

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