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Bug#394308: casper: Wait for usb device to be detected

Alle 18:17, venerd? 20 ottobre 2006, Bas Wijnen ha scritto:

> When booting from a usb device, some time is needed before the device is
> actually visible for the system.  Casper seems to solve this by trying to
> detect the device 20 times.  However, if there is no slow part in the
> detection (which happens if there is no other device to mount, for
> example), those 20 detections are done real fast, and all finished before
> the device shows up.  The attached patch adds a "sleep 2" in the loop, so
> it takes at least 40 seconds.  That should be enough for everyone. ;-)

This problem comes from a bad reorganization of code I did in the past when 
adding netboot support, a "sleep 1" were here but I moved it where it makes 
no sense, sorry about that.

> The patch also fixes a bug which led to non-wrapped systems being unable to
> boot (that is, the test would always fail).  [ A || B ] is interpreted by
> bash as two commands, the second of which will only be executed if the
> first fails. In this case, it always will, because the [ does not have a
> matching ].  To do OR in test, -o should be used.  I don't think anyone
> would encounter this though, due to the rareness of non-wrapped live
> systems.

Thanks for this insight, that part of code was a bad hack I need to polish 
soon anyway, your patch is included in bzr repo and the next upload will 
close this bug too.

Thanks for your time and support.

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