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Change Gnome or Kde graphics

There's an option in make live for including images but it's
undocumented but still I would by far prefer the Knoppix way of
customization (on the graphical part). We have been including into my
former project Mediainlinux using Xnest at the last of the scripts
(before compressing the ISO). Any difference or clues on this?:

    Launching KDE to Change Menus, Icons, etc.

While you are in the chroot environment you can load KDE and use the
configuration tools to change buttons, icons, etc. Once you are finished
you can exit KDE and copy /home/knoppix to /etc/skel to keep these
changes. To load KDE do the following.

   1. If you are not at runlevel 2 (i.e. if you are already in KDE),
      switch to runlevel 2.

            init 2

   2. Copy /etc/skel to /home/knoppix

            cp -Rp /etc/skel /home/knoppix

   3. Change permissions to the user 'knoppix'

            chown knoppix:knoppix -R /home/knoppix

   4. Copy over your X11 configuration to the chroot'd environment
      (press ctrl+alt+F2 to switch to a non-chroot'd terminal, then
      ctrl+alt+F1 to switch back when done)

            cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /mnt/hda1/knx/source/KNOPPIX/etc/X11

   5. (Optional)Switch to user 'knoppix'. If you want to uninstall
      packages, stay as root -- e.g. skip this step. If you want to
      configure the buttons, icons, background, etc., that you see when
      KDE boots, be sure to do this step.

            su knoppix

   6. Launch KDE


   7. Do your KDE changes
   8. Exit KDE
   9. (Optional - do this step only if you did step #5) Exit su and
      switch back to user 'root'.


  10. Copy /home/knoppix back to /etc/skel to keep the changes

            mv /etc/skel /etc/skel-old
            mv /home/knoppix /etc/skel

  11. Set the owner back to root

            chown root:root -R /etc/skel

  12. Remove the xorg.conf file

            rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf

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