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Reuse existing chroot?

Alle 22:11, gioved? 12 ottobre 2006, Greenfield, Glenn ha scritto:
> Very impressed with Debian-live.


> Just wondering if it's possible to 
> reuse an existing debian-live/chroot.  Sometimes I wish only to make
> some small changes and rebuild the squashfs & iso but a complete
> bootstrap is not necessary.  Make-live simple refuses to run when
> debian-live dir is already present and has completed building the iso
> image.  

It is scheduled to have more control about this in future releases.

Meanwhile, if you use the recommended version of live-package (the one in 
unstable) you should look at ".stage" directory in "debian-live" workdir, 
there could be inside some files, if present the corrispondent action is 
already done, if not it will be took again.

filenames - actions (in order)

bootstrap - cdebootstrap of system (base debian installation).
chroot	- chroot configured and packages installed.
image_binary - rootfs compressed and [iso-image | netboot-tarball] ready to be 
burnt / tranfered to the server.
image_source  - {optional} also source packages image is ready.

So delete the file corresponding to the action you need to repeat and the 
followers and regive the make-live command.

In the future maybe a make-live switch like --action=name will do exactly 

> Thanks for some great software! 

Thanks for using our software and providing feedback!

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