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fromhd= support a la knoppix (e.g. boot from compressed image on hard drive or CF)

> > I was wondering if there are any plans to include functionality like
> > Knoppix' and DSL's fromhd=.  Some people call this a "poor man's
> > install" and others call it a "frugal install"
> This it is already supported in the bzr casper (to be released in few days)
> but not encouraged, and also there is not a script to automate this, you just
> need to put the /casper directory from the cd into a partition and install a
> bootloader into the hd.
> Then you should add as kernel param boot=casper.

Ah!  Exactly what I would have guessed and actually did try.  Good to
hear it's in the pipeline.

Can you indicate why it's not encouraged?  Is it concern that newbies
with screw themselves up?  If it has already been discussed, just say
so and I'll go search the archives.  I only joined the list recently.

> > In particular, I'd like to be able to have grub on my hard drive or
> > usb set to boot from a compressed image on the hard drive.
> If you can add an entry to grub you already could do that.


Do you know if there are any plans to implement "bootfrom=" ?

Tony Godshall (g)

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