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Follows up: X won't start

Some updates for the list:

Marco Ghirlanda yesterday wrote:
> Hi! Noticed that for a week or more X won't start.
> Image creation completes succesfully but booting the iso (qemu or
> vmware) everything loads but at the end X won't start.
Now instead of the error of yesterday I get a "cannot open default font
Xorg wasn't even started on boot since there's no /var/log/Xorg.0.log
file before I start X with startx.
> Hope this has not been submitted yet, I'm making the iso with "make-live
> iso gnome-core" which has always been working.
Reconfiguring with dpkg-reconfigure xserver xorg doesn't help.
Hope the things here don't get broken for too long :-)
Anybody experience the same issues or have workarounds?

Cheers, Marco Ghirlanda

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