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Change Gnome or Kde graphics

Andrew Donnellan escribi?:
> On 10/29/06, Marco Ghirlanda <marco.ghirlanda@gmail.com> wrote:
>> There's an option in make live for including images but it's
>> undocumented but still I would by far prefer the Knoppix way of
>> customization (on the graphical part). We have been including into my
>> former project Mediainlinux using Xnest at the last of the scripts
>> (before compressing the ISO). Any difference or clues on this?:
>>     Launching KDE to Change Menus, Icons, etc.
> <snip>
> Couldn't you just run Xnest on your host system, then use
> --include-image and --hook to copy in whatever files you need and then
> invoke bash? Then from there you could just run DISPLAY=:1 startkde.
> However I think there is an issue with saving settings for casper then.
Hi all!

   I customize the live in a simple way.
   I start the live in qemu:

      qemu -m 256 -cdrom debian-live/binary.iso -boot d -redir 

   I change everything I need (Add icons to desktop, change background, 
set preferences).
   I copy the /home/casper from the live to my host.
   Then, I include that directory with

       # Chroot includes               (Default: empty)

   In that directory I have a "./home/casper" directory structure.
   After that is necesary to set the correct owner to start KDE. I use 

       # User command                  (Default: empty)
       LIVE_HOOK="chown 999:999 /home/casper -R"

   The 999:999 is the number that take the user at runtime.

   That all and work fine.


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