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Re: Please review and translate: new homepage of (publish date 17 Dec 2020) Création de compte Re: Création de compte Re: [debian website] Translation of Buster release page Account notification 8:37:48 AM 12/15/2020 Advertising Enquiry Advertising Options / Sponsored Content Options on Advice for solopreneurs [Article Pitch] Bug#100188: marked as done (collect often-used acronyms somewhere) Bug#17590: does help? Bug#176407: found a solution Bug#203950: marked as done ( desktop screenshot examples missing) Bug#207410: marked as done ( search_packages: xml output) Bug#264589: fixed now? Bug#325655: marked as done ( Help us to help ourselves) Bug#346328: marked as done ( packages.d.o is down message.) Bug#360310: marked as done ( Please consider plotchangelog for p.d.o/ copyright.html) Bug#514658: marked as done (sponsor recognition on packages.d.o) Bug#569136: marked as done (outdated pages on Chinese (zh-*): missing automatic rebuild) Bug#616471: marked as done ( Merge /intro/ and /intro/about pages) Bug#623586: marked as done ( new style sheet - line/item spacing is too big) Bug#696873: marked as done (Better place for "download debian" button) Bug#721211: marked as done (Add instructions for configuring AcceptLanguage for Links(2) and eLinks) Bug#799602: marked as done ( language not preserved by links in pages) Bug#815689: is this now solved? Bug#862980: marked as done (Update the homepage, to show the social face of the project, and be more attractive for newcomers) Bug#862981: marked as done (Test in small and big screens and fix it if needed) Bug#863577: marked as done (include translation teams in /intro/organization) Bug#883300: patch added Bug#905352: marked as done (add section "Why Debian" to the home page) Bug#915972: Broken policy documentation links in p.d.o Bug#925300: marked as done (Debian home page: Cleaning up the "Getting Started" paragraph) Bug#926131: marked as done (footer: replace with micronews) Bug#933534: marked as done ( missing link to /security/2019/ in /security/2019/dsa-4483.en.html) Bug#944301: marked as done (New homepage: use free (libre) icons) Bug#948969: webwml | #948969: Creates a pdo link for each package instead of an ALL-IN-ONE link which is broken (!546) Bug#968862: marked as done (what to do with page (and script)) Bug#977006: filelist is currently broken for some packages Bug#977160: mention package doc-debian (constitution, dfsg etc.) at Bug#977733: inconsistent info in repo regarding file english/News/2019/20190216.wml Bug#977743: "list of files" fails on sid/testing arch:all packages - not processing Contents-all.gz ? Bug#977831: Recommends bittorrent but Unstable/Testing no longer provide it Calamares Installer on the website? debian Debian 10.7 News link The Debian web updates its homepage and prepares for a major renewal Debian wiki is blocking my server Debian wiki page - Forbidden access through TOR DistribuTECH 2021 english/devel/join/index doesn't add up properly Firefox ESR with NPAPI Having a problems Re: Homepage banner, translatable? Homepage banner, translatable? (was: Re: Now in master! new homepage of (publish date today)) How to solve validation failed I'd Love to Write for Your Site! Invitation to QUOTE 09/12/2020 Kontakt ws. Looking for files Lost then email access found edit drop7 Monitorowanie samochodu New homepage and related pages: Validation failed New homepage published ( (was: Re: Now in master! new homepage of (publish date today)) Now in master! new homepage of (publish date today) Re: Ny Debian hemsida packages.d.o unable to show binary packages content Please review and translate: new homepage of (publish date 17 Dec 2020) Problem with new Processed: forcibly merging 977006 977743 Processed: Re: Bug#896067: missing text on (was: Re: Bug#977160: mention package [...]) Przekierowanie ruchu na stronie Re : : Improve keyword ranking... React + Typescript = Magic! redes 9inalambricas Relance SNE SOMETEL:Promo_fin_année20 Request for write access to webwml repository Small update to Strange (spam) pages in the wiki Sustainable transfer printing on CELLULOSIC fiber virus debian testing What is Guest Post price on your site Where to translate? Re: Who's using Debian? Zimovanje u Visokom The last update was on 17:40 GMT Thu Dec 31. There are 152 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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