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Re: Please review and translate: new homepage of www.debian.org (publish date 17 Dec 2020)


Am 14.12.20 um 20:07 schrieb Justin B Rye:
> Laura Arjona Reina wrote:
>> The files are (in /english folder):
>> /index.wml
>> /intro/index.wml
>> /intro/people.wml  - some parts copied from /intro/about.wml
>> /intro/philosophy.wml  - some parts copied from /intro/about.wml
>> /intro/why_debian.wml
>> /po/homepage.*.po - can be generated with "make update-po" in your po folder
> (I don't see people.wml or philosophy.wml in the version I've got
> checked out; but I don't see any problems with the content in about.wml)
do you have pulled (again) from Salsa after you switched to the
new-homepage branch?


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