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Re: Request for write access to webwml repository

Hi all
I've approved Fabian's request to join the webwml project in Salsa.
I agree with both sides, working with merge requests or sending patches
shouldn't be a problem particularly for starting. For translators, IMO
it's essential that the work is coordinated within the language team,
and given that Holger clarified that it is, I think it's also fine to
grant commit permissions to the corresponding contributors.

Don't forget to do git pull or rebase your work prior to pushing the
commits to the repo, to avoid dummy merge commits ;-)

Kind regards,
Laura Arjona Reina

El 25/12/20 a las 14:46, Holger Wansing escribió:
> Hi,
> Carsten Schoenert <c.schoenert@t-online.de> wrote:
>> Hello Fabian,
>> Am 24.12.20 um 13:25 schrieb Fabian Baumanis:
>>> Hi there,
>>> I'm translating the Debian website into German and I would like to 
>>> request write access to the webwml repository.
>>> The current workflow is a bit of a pain because I'm working on the 
>>> outdated translations, which means that I'm just editing 2-3 lines in 
>>> the page source code. Then I have to send the MR to another member who 
>>> has write access, to have the MR merged.
>> why is that a pain? It's more the usual way in my eyes.
>> It's not that write access can not be given, but there is a lot of trust
>> needed to give contributors full write access.
>> So why not start as every contribution is typically starting? In the old
>> days a patch set was needed to send to a list, this isn't needed as
>> creating MRs on Salsa is really easy and cheap.
>> If you can contribute at a high level we can grant write access to the
>> webwml repo later.
>> Even previous Debian project leaders doing MR for updating the Debian
>> website.
>>> We currently have 80-90 pages with outdated translations so this would 
>>> create a big overhead and I don't want to disturb the other members in 
>>> their work. If therer would be any bigger changes in a MR, I would 
>>> request a review on our mailing list of course.
>> I see no problem if you start your work within your own namespace and
>> create various MRs. The typical review can be done at any time.
> I want to second Fabian's request for write access.
> Moreover, I have suggested him to write that mail to debian-www.
> He has already contributed some translation work for German website, and it
> would be a great benefit for German, if he would update all those outdated
> files.
> Regarding merge requests: 
> for me the technique via MR might be sensible for some work, but I also see
> some contra points, as Fabian said.
> I think I can say, that I'm familiar with working with git commandline tools.
> But nevertheless I often have problems understanding how things work via the
> graphical Salsa interface.
> I might be easy, if you know how it works, or if you have someone explaining
> it to you site-by-site. But if you are forced to learn it completely by 
> yourself via reading the docs and try-and-error, it's often a pain IMHO.
> Also, you can find countless merge requests rotting on Salsa, with noone
> taking action for them. That does not give a nice impression to new contributors
> or interested people IMO.
> This is just my opinion, not necessarily Fabian's.
> At the end, I agree with Fabian, that direct write access would ease his
> work (and the work of the whole team in summary) a lot.
> I'm sure, Fabian will accept the poliy to only commit changes to the
> ../German subdirectory, but no other subdirs.
> (In fact, that is exactly what he intends to do!)
> If it helps, I volunteer for reviewing his commits, to make sure they are ok.
> Holger

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