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Re: Request for write access to webwml repository

Hello Fabian,

Am 24.12.20 um 13:25 schrieb Fabian Baumanis:
> Hi there,
> I'm translating the Debian website into German and I would like to 
> request write access to the webwml repository.
> The current workflow is a bit of a pain because I'm working on the 
> outdated translations, which means that I'm just editing 2-3 lines in 
> the page source code. Then I have to send the MR to another member who 
> has write access, to have the MR merged.

why is that a pain? It's more the usual way in my eyes.
It's not that write access can not be given, but there is a lot of trust
needed to give contributors full write access.

So why not start as every contribution is typically starting? In the old
days a patch set was needed to send to a list, this isn't needed as
creating MRs on Salsa is really easy and cheap.
If you can contribute at a high level we can grant write access to the
webwml repo later.

Even previous Debian project leaders doing MR for updating the Debian

> We currently have 80-90 pages with outdated translations so this would 
> create a big overhead and I don't want to disturb the other members in 
> their work. If therer would be any bigger changes in a MR, I would 
> request a review on our mailing list of course.

I see no problem if you start your work within your own namespace and
create various MRs. The typical review can be done at any time.


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