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Bug#977733: www.debian.org: inconsistent info in repo regarding file english/News/2019/20190216.wml

Package: www.debian.org
Severity: normal

Dear Maintainers,

It seems that there is something odd in the webmaster-team/webwml.git
repository at salsa regarding file english/News/2019/20190216.wml.

We get inconsistent results when we issue the git log command using
different arguments.

Commit with hash 9bd5a55d72acee622d9e25eecb70e1beb93d0ea4 was made in
December 2019, and it corresponds to a modification of file
english/News/2019/20190216.wml according to the output of the "git log
... commit-hash" command:

  $ git log -n1 --format=fuller --name-only 9bd5a55d72acee622d9e25eecb70e1beb93d0ea4

  commit 9bd5a55d72acee622d9e25eecb70e1beb93d0ea4
  Author:     Laura Arjona Reina <larjona@debian.org>
  AuthorDate: Fri Dec 13 20:13:29 2019 +0100
  Commit:     Laura Arjona Reina <larjona@debian.org>
  CommitDate: Fri Dec 13 20:13:29 2019 +0100

      remove the tag for frontpage


On the other hand, if we ask for the commits that represent
modifications of the very same file via the "git log
-- path/filename" command, we get the following:

  $ git log --format=fuller --name-only -- english/News/2019/20190216.wml
  commit ea6a13e28f99e15f67ccfd6b74b4cc4bb185fdbd
  Author:     Laura Arjona Reina <larjona@debian.org>
  AuthorDate: Tue Apr 2 08:28:56 2019 +0200
  Commit:     Laura Arjona Reina <larjona@debian.org>
  CommitDate: Tue Apr 2 08:35:59 2019 +0200

      https://security.debian.org -> https://www.debian.org/security


  commit fdc485a3cb59ae0b5ef29c7ff90f411b2444ed09
  Author:     Donald Norwood <donald@debian.org>
  AuthorDate: Sat Feb 16 10:38:53 2019 -0500
  Commit:     Donald Norwood <donald@debian.org>
  CommitDate: Sat Feb 16 10:38:53 2019 -0500

      Debian 9.8 release announcement


As you can see, the output of the second command does not include the
commit with hash 9bd5a55d72acee622d9e25eecb70e1beb93d0ea4, Dec. 2019.
The first (most recent) commit shown was made in April 2019.

Note: we have found a similar behaviour regarding file
english/CD/faq/index.wml. If you think that it is better to submit a
separate bug report for it, please, let me know.



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