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Re: Problem with new www.debian.org

The sitemap is very useful, thanks.

As an aside, is there a reason the site is targeting HTML 4.01 rather than HTML 5? HTML 5 is much nicer to code for and has better accessibility.

On 24/12/2020 13:36, Carsten Schoenert wrote:
Hello Richard,

Am 24.12.20 um 14:02 schrieb Richard Owlett:
I know graphics on homepages are currently popular.

*BUT* I find it much less useful that the old version.
I used the old version as an obvious index to the site.
and *what* in detail you find less useful?

Pretty pictures don't serve as well.
Many home pages include a link to a "site index".
As debian.org is a very large/complex site a detailed index could be
unwieldy &/or confusing. Could the old style be be brought back, titling
as "Brief Table of Contents"?
The (same) sitemap (as used before) is still available, but yes,
currently it's not linked directly from start site.


It's simply impossible to take care on every aspect if we change the
main design. And we know that the sites behind www.d.o are complex, we
need to keep that complexity low as possible. But, no the old style wont
come back, instead we need to improve and adjust the sites constantly.

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