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Re: New homepage published (www.debian.org) (was: Re: Now in master! new homepage of www.debian.org (publish date today))

The links are corrects now but they point to the english version of the pages. Is it normal?


"Laura Arjona Reina" larjona@larjona.net – 17 décembre 2020 14:15

Hi Cyrille

El 17/12/20 a las 13:48, Cyrille Bollu escribió:
> All links are broken for me.... strange... I must be doing something wrong.


> I've uploaded a capture of the issue on my nextcloud if you want:
> nextcloud.bollu.be/index.php/s/AW9DjEeq5Scjx2e


I see, some links were not synced with the English version.
I think I've fixed the issue and published the changes.

It should look fine in www.debian.org (we published already!)

Kind regards,

> Cyrille

> "Carsten Schoenert" c.schoenert@t-online.de – 17 décembre 2020 13:29

> Hello Cyrille,

> Am 17.12.20 um 12:39 schrieb Cyrille Bollu:
> > I don't know if it's due to your partial build but the links in the
> > French version of the homepage are all broken

> for example which ones?



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