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Re: Firefox ESR with NPAPI

First of all, this mailing list is specifically for issues with Debian's website (which this isn't, not really).  I reccomend emailing debian-user in the
future, as that list is specialized for users of Debian.

> could you send me this version of firefox? (firefox-esr_52.8.1esr-
> 1_deb8u1_arm64.deb) I always downloaded it from the link below (it was
> even saved in my favorites).:
> https://packages.debian.org/jessie/arm64/firefox-esr/download
> firefox-esr_52.8.1esr-1_deb8u1_arm64.deb

It looks like what happened was Jessie got a LTS (long term service)
update, which caused them to drop ARM support in Jesse.

> However the Url is no longer valid and I don't have any copies of this
> package, and I can't find it anywhere on the internet either. I need
> this package because it is one of the latest versions that support
> NPAPI. If you can make the file available to me, I will save it in the
> cloud (so you don't risk losing this rare file).

I highly recomend migrating away from NPAPI. It has been deprecated since
2013, and is a significant security risk.

However, since you likley can't, you can find old releases of debian on
archive.debian.org.  In this case, the link
has the .deb you are looking for.

Addtionally, there is a newer version of firefox-esr (still in the 52.x
esr branch), 52.9.0.  It should still support NPAPI, but it contains
several security fixes. That can be found at this link

> Thanks for the help.
No problem.


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