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Re: "Provides" and alternatives in packages.d.o "Provides" and alternatives in packages.d.o (was: /bin/mail) /bin/mail 2014 Kenyan email list database Clothing Manufacturer from China Đặc sản Tây Ninh khó chối từ. Bạn có muốn thưởng thức không? Outsource SEO Services Re: [SECURITY] [DSA 2874-1] mutt security update Account creation failed: Error 801 Account creation failed: Error 910 Account creation failed: Error 912 Account creation failed: Error 920 Account creation failed: Error 922 Air Prishtina Newsletter – Mars 2014 anil kumar sent you an invitation Bike Week Starts Here at Space Coast Harley-Davidson! Bug#264589: Link from to - updated information (bug 264589) Bug#725092: HTTPS should be supported on Bug#729442: marked as done (mirror submission for Re: Bug#738713: Implement Bug#739392: marked as done (mirror submission for Bug#740926: Link to public cloud providers Debian images/info from /distrib/ (or from /cloud/ with generic cloud description on /distrib/)? Bug#742266: "Help Debian" webpage is not very helpful Bug#742390: marked as done (mirror submission for Bug#742550: include a warning on packages from contrib/non-free cannot creat account cannot create an account in Cannot register on the wiki: Account creation failed: Error 920 Re: Changing on website [ Re: Debian Installer Jessie Alpha 1 release ] Clarification about lisensing debiab bug Debian Wheezy File 5.11-2+deb7u2 changelog 404 error Debian wiki account creation failure error code 910 Debian WIKI Forbidden for my VPN Debian wiki registration problem. die of linux you fault! read Re: Erreurs sur une page Erroneous listing Re: Erroneous listing at Error on registration. Forbidden You are not allowed to access this! Implement Incorrect ancronym on's Supported Hardware pages Incorrect link on Internal Server Error on libgnutls26 Changelog Not Found manque une dérivative Ndvbggbnmm Obsolete info on stable updates Re: Outdated info on events page RE:PCB company Problem with Debian wiki account Processed: forcibly merging 608400 742266 Processed: tagging 680109 Processed: tagging 705576 Processed: tagging 709004 R: Incorrect link on Ready for Company Retreats & Special Events redirect HTTP to HTTPS on www.d.o? registration issues Unable to create account in Debian Unidentified subject! Upcoming stable point release (7.5) Re: We want to build a debian cloud Who's using Debian? Wiki Account Creation Issue: Account creation failed: Error 918... The last update was on 07:37 GMT Sun Jan 10. There are 114 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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