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Re: Clarification about lisensing

On Thu, Mar 13, 2014 at 10:50 AM, madhan b wrote:

> Okay i understand that you might not have time to explain me, because you
> working for your product.

All of the questions you asked are answered on the web page that
Holger Wansing linked to.


In case you are unable to access that page, I have summarised the answers below:

> I need to understand about the licensing of GNU/Debian Linux OS.
> Is the OS free? i mean free of cost.

The Debian OS is both libre and gratis. Free as in speech and free of cost.

> Is the OS open-source? i mean users are allowed to modifying the source code
> of the OS.

Debian is Free Software (and open source), users are allowed to modify
the source code.


> Is the OS free for non commercial Users ?

The OS is free for all users, commercial or otherwise.

> Can commercial user modify the source code ?

All users can modify the source code, commercial or otherwise.

If you would like to join Debian and help us produce the Debian OS,
please read this page:




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