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Re: We want to build a debian cloud


Thanks for contacting the Debian Hardware Donations team.

The Debian Project -- as a project -- doesn't help organizations deploy
Debian-based solutions.  Individual members might consider doing so and a list
of consultants is available: http://www.debian.org/consultants/ You may wish to
contact one of them to seek assistance with your project.

Alternately, you could look at the Debian mailing lists to seek support for
specific questions: http://lists.debian.org.

In particular, look at the debian-users, debian-chinese-gb,
debian-chinese-big5, debian-enterprise and debian-isp.

Take care,


On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 07:46:13PM +0800, 1 wrote:
> In order to finish our work properly, we want to build a debian cloud , and
> want donate three server for debian ,of course we will pay the money Our aim
> is  need your organisation to help us build a debian cloud in the Internet ,
> and allow us to use it in our own net later.

Luca Filipozzi

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