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Re: Forbidden You are not allowed to access this!

On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 04:52:08AM +0100, Jérôme Pinguet wrote:
>Dear Debian Wiki people!
>I love your wiki, I think it's great.
>Trouble is, I cannot access it cause I'm trying to protect my privacy
>and right to free speech using a VPN called ipredator (ipredator.se).
>I'm using ipredator because it's the only VPN I ever heard off you never
>gave the data of its users to rogue governements. As you are probably
>aware, in the country I live in, France, the government spies heavily on
>its people's Internet communications.
>Please allow me to access your wiki.

Hi Jérôme,

Ipredator is a massive source of spam, which is why they're
blocked. I've contacted them multiple times to report wiki spam
attacks. Initially they replied to emails but there was no discernible
change in spam attack levels. After many many such spam attempts I
started totally blocking access from their network.

If you have a problem because of using the Ipredator service, I
suggest you complain to them or switch to using a less spam-friendly
alternative. wiki.debian.org is not the only site that blocks
Ipredator - google for "ipredator spam" to see a variety of anti-spam
forums discussing them.

Steve McIntyre                                        93sam@debian.org
Debian wiki admin - wiki.debian.org

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