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[no subject] "broken" images below C3 Dramatic Enhancement for Men vmr ieymno amd64 port Bug#103694: marked as done ( search_packages: doesn't search on subwords in package names) Bug#115004: marked as done (packages.d.o: needs searching on REAL subwords) Bug#134606: Executable attachments (Replaced with text) Bug#156794: marked as done (Package search subwords not working) Bug#175644: marked as done ( searching on doesn't seem to work) Bug#177200: Executable attachments (Replaced with text) Bug#177200: expiration times etc. for many of the very static graphics too short Bug#178831: marked as done ( could use real substring searches) Bug#180180: marked as done (Encourage applicant to cross-sign DD key) Bug#186655: marked as done (more info needed for web page on unsubscribe) Bug#202158: Executable attachments (Replaced with text) Bug#202303: Executable attachments (Replaced with text) Bug#202303: marked as done ( /devel/join/newmaint should encourage to contribute before applying) Bug#203861: Executable attachments (Replaced with text) Bug#207094: Executable attachments (Replaced with text) Bug#207095: Executable attachments (Replaced with text) Bug#207455: Executable attachments (Replaced with text) Bug#211723: Executable attachments (Replaced with text) Bug#211827: Executable attachments (Replaced with text) Bug#211827: search for Language English breaks Bug#211994: Executable attachments (Replaced with text) Bug#211994: {Virus?} Bug#213679: Executable attachments (Replaced with text) Bug#213679: marked as done ( table broken in devel/debian-installer/ports-status) Bug#213679: table broken in devel/debian-installer/ports-status Bug#213961: document MIA database Bug#214130: Executable attachments (Replaced with text) Bug#214130: message Bug#214130: unsubscribe Bug#214130: Debian WWW Pages License no longer has a copy of the license Bug#214289: devel/people: missing maintainers, patch for generic handling Bug#214289: Executable attachments (Replaced with text) Bug#214289: marked as done (devel/people: missing maintainers, patch for generic handling) Bug#214783: Executable attachments (Replaced with text) Bug#214783: marked as done (Typos on Bug#214783: Typos on Bug#214783: {Virus?} Undelivered Mail: Returned To Sender Bug#215081: devel/debian-installer/ports-status: double Bug#215081: marked as done (devel/debian-installer/ports-status: double) Bug#215430: chinese pages don't build on non-i386 Bug#218536: Mailing list search engine can't search for numbers Bug#99033: ayadic vurry snqjg ksvn c'est un cauchemar !!! Can't find page in the Debian site Check out our selection of great RX ukrbxk CURRENT-ISSUE-IS was not updated for last DWN (40/2003) Re: Debian WWW CVS commit by djpig: webwml/english/devel developers.loc.wml Re: Debian WWW CVS commit by peterk: webwml english/misc/awards.wml swedish/misc/aw ... directory has an incorrect URL . . . DWN 30.09.2003 in Russian E-mail address listed incorrectly erection problem GIF to PNG Conversion how to handle orthographical errors improving the debian developers map The LJ award More dead links and some questions Nordenatlas Parceria WEB Re: Please add Adamantix to /misc/children-distros preghiera Processed: Re: Bug#213961: document MIA database Processed: Re: Processed: Reassignment of 215999 to Processed: Reassignment of 215999 to Processed: reopening 103694 Processed: reopening 115004 Processed: wishlist Prozedere funktioniert nicht Fw: Site Listing Some changes after urlcheck submission to whos using debian Suggestion for your site Tercer estudio del segmento de desarrollo de software y/o sistemas en América Latina Update info for CD Vendor Re: Who's using Debian Re: Who's using Debian? Re: Your credit card has been charged $48.74 The last update was on 08:49 GMT Fri Jun 21. There are 135 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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