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Re: GIF to PNG Conversion

* Alexander Winston <alexander.winston@comcast.net> [2003-10-21 01:38]:
> What exactly needs to be done with concern to the GIF-PNG conversion? I
> am able to convert the GIFs to PNGs using gif2png, then minimize their
> file size using "optipng -zc1-9 -zm1-9 -zs0-2 -f0-5." Would a patch for
> this be welcomed?

 A patch for what?  Sorry, I don't know exactly what you are talking
about.  Do you mean about the GIFs we use on our webpages?  It bops up
every now and then, and there are several pros and cons here:

 -) From what I remember we don't use LWZ compression which goes with no
patented algorithm, but brings bigger file sizes.

 -) Quite some browsers doesn't support transparency in PNGs at all so
we have to stick to GIF for transparent images anyway.

 -) The LWZ compression patent is about to wear off.

 These are the facts so far.  I'd like to mention that I prefer PNGs
personally too, because you can use compression in them without any
headaches and almost all recent browsers support at least full
transparency in PNGs, if not even alpha channel transparency.  But it's
not my decision to switch them.

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