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Re: GIF to PNG Conversion

On Tuesday October 21 2003 17:14, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
>  -) Quite some browsers doesn't support transparency in PNGs at all so
> we have to stick to GIF for transparent images anyway.

Please tell me which browser doesn't support the 1-bit transparency of PNGs 
(yes, 1-bit, not 8-bits).
If you answer IE, you are wrong.

>  -) The LWZ compression patent is about to wear off.
Which means it is not the case NOW.

Don't forget that in any case, a PNG is smaller than the corresponding GIF 
file, even with the evil LZW compression enabled. The main problem of PNG 
right now is that almost nobody knows what can be really done with the PNG 
format, which includes doing exactly the same as GIF (i.e. 1-bit 
transparency, 8-bits indexed colors), with an _even_better_ compression. And 
yes, the shitty browser from Redmond even displays that _correctly_ (while 
full alpha transparency is still not supported on the Windows version without 
a DirectX filter hack).


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