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"broken" images below http://murphy.debian.org/lists/

Hi there,

hopefully this is the right address to send this report to.  Apologies
if it's not.

Many images below http://murphy.debian.org/lists/ -- for example,


-- are sent out with a Content-type: header of image/png, but the content
is actually of type image/gif.

Given the end of the url, the Content-type: header is a reasonable
guess by the server; I presume the problem is that whatever creates
the images does the equivalent of "mv image.gif image.png" instead of
"convert image.gif image.png".

The fix is presumably either to change the names of the created images
to .gif, or to create them in (or convert them to) png format.

The browser "dillo" does not display the images as they currently are,
presumably because it decides that they are malformed pngs, since it
believes the HTTP header.

All the best,

Francis Daly        francis@daoine.org

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