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Re: Parceria WEB

Em Sun, 26 Oct 2003 01:47:18 +0200, Gerfried Fuchs escreveu:

> * "Gustavo R. Montesino" <ikki_gerrard@yahoo.com.br> [2003-10-25 21:18]:
>> If you wish to help with the translation of the website to 
>> portuguese, take a look at [1]. If you wish to help with the
>> english files, look at [2].
>> [1] http://debian-br.alioth.debian.org/index.php?id=WebWML
>  Just out of curiosa, Gustavo: What does this page offer than translated
> /devel/website/ pages?  I usually thought that translating the website
> directory pages should be enough -- if you disagree here maybe you like
> to make suggestions to improve the english files in there, too?  Is
> there really a need to fork that part, or is there something special on
> that pages that doesn't make sense for other translation teams?  If so,
> why not?  If not, why the fork?

The alioth site contains not just the info about the website, but about
other translation projects of the debian-br. 

The section about the website just gives a small shell script that do the
cvs work and run check_trans.pl, puting the output in two files, shows the
right way of send the translations to the l10n list and points the new
translator to the /devel/website pages.

I don't think that there is anything that can improve the /devel/website
pages, just some team-specific info.

Gustavo R. Montesino
GPG Key BACAB6C2 at pgp.mit.edu

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