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Re: "broken" images below http://murphy.debian.org/lists/

* Francis Daly <francis@daoine.org> [2003-10-24 14:51] :
> Hi there,
> hopefully this is the right address to send this report to.  Apologies
> if it's not.
> Many images below http://murphy.debian.org/lists/ -- for example,
> http://murphy.debian.org/lists/debian-user-french/debian-user-french-distabs-months.png
> -- are sent out with a Content-type: header of image/png, but the content
> is actually of type image/gif.
> Given the end of the url, the Content-type: header is a reasonable
> guess by the server; I presume the problem is that whatever creates
> the images does the equivalent of "mv image.gif image.png" instead of
> "convert image.gif image.png".
> The fix is presumably either to change the names of the created images
> to .gif, or to create them in (or convert them to) png format.
> The browser "dillo" does not display the images as they currently are,
> presumably because it decides that they are malformed pngs, since it
> believes the HTTP header.

Thanks for this information. I had wrongly assumed that dillo was at
fault here and submitted a bug in the dillo BTS about this
Issue 502). I guess I'll have to close it there then.


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