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[no subject] Alarming use of disk space Announcments? Re: Another vendor site ( Anyone have access to Opera Are the translations compiling? [ ] Away from translating Away until the 28th Back from vacation broken link and wrong character set Bug#51340: marked as done (bad link on /releases/slink/index.en.html) Bug#52129: Broken copyright and changelogs Bug#52354: No changelog & copyright info available in software packages page Bug#52985: marked as done (slink release information has out of date point release) Bug#52985: slink release information has out of date point release Bug#53109: Package descriptions need link to package home page. Bug#53264: Mailing list search broken for deity list Bug#53675: No longer a link to the CVS HOWTO? Care! CVS access to debian web pages for developers Re: death of the gif format Debian prononciation Re: Debian prononciation (intro/about.wml) DMUP should be on the web somewhere Re: Do Linux full-time... Hiring Linux specialists Example of setting default language gimp jpeg plug-in index.wml not updated [ Linux em estudo universitário] Misc www issues Re: mistaken polish translation More Double Checks New translation to be added to apache config files Out-of-date mirrors Permitting more than one account per translation problem with web pages translated in french... Processed: reduce severity Progress improving Debian's PR? script to help keep translations up to date Translations, check your templates Translation teams Unprintable characters in language links (was: Re: Debian WWW CVS: gecko) the Y2K page The last update was on 13:01 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 105 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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