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Re: broken link and wrong character set

"James A. Treacy" wrote:

> This error means that someone else already added the file. Simply move your
> copy out of the way and do a cvs update.


> > > The other problem is that we are
> > > still deciding how links to other languages should be displayed.
> > >
> > > The links to the translations page are written using the native encoding,
> > > which won't show up correctly in some cases. One solution would be to move
> > > to a universal character set (ISO 10646). It is unclear to me how widely
> > > supported this is.
> >
> > ISO 10646 is Unicode right? AFAIK it is supported by windows Arabic browsers,
> > but none under Linux does.
> >
> I'm pretty sure that a unix browser will support all singly byte languages
> as long as you have the right font installed.

Lynx does both cp-1256 and iso06, but not multibyte AFAIK. I thought ISO
10646 is

> > Sorry. The volunteer who translated the page used a WYSIWYG html editor and
> > I haven't checked everything before adding it. I've reworked it and I hope
> > everything is fixed now.
> >
> Great.
> My apologies if I am wrong, but it appears you have a misconception about the
> way CVS works.

Thanks for the info, it enlightened some points indeed. In the case of
my .wmlrc
though I tried to update and got an error message. Anyway removed it as
you told me.
Thank for the help.

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