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additional file into unalz, for shared-mime-info Addition of .desktop file for the fv package. august REMOVED from testing Avez-vous cree votre planete ? bcm5700-source REMOVED from testing Bug#102006: Congrats for Signing up cheryl desmarais Bug#111266: =?koi8-r?b?PT9LT0k4LVI/UT8iPUU4PUNGPURBPUQxPUNBPUNCPUMxIC0gPUMyPUNDPUQxPUM0PUQ4LCA9RDA9 Bug#121201: time for change downstairs Bug#121201: to eric smith Bug#122428: marked as done (gcc-h8300-hms: fails to build on ia64) Bug#138798: marked as done (gcc-h8300-hms: unstable/arm: linker fails while building) Bug#147733: Client ID 63RxT - Update Bug#148646: She looked like a man at first glance. Bug#160726: Without creating decimation or desecration Bug#208534: Ballads Pure Panic Bug#209753: Patch + Pending (Bug #209753) Bug#20977: My dearie... Bug#20977: OutOfDebt Overnight Bug#20977: Ref. to phil starks @ 5% Bug#20977: Unique Opportunity For You To Consider Bug#239914: #239914: fbtv doesn't work with kernel 2.6 Bug#240503: =?koi8-r?b?PT9LT0k4LVI/UT89RDM9QzU9Q0M9QzU9QzQ9Q0I9QzEsID1DNT1DMj1DMT1DRT1DRT1DMT1EMSA9 Bug#241837: marked as done (gcc-h8000-hms based on gcc-2.95.2, not current gcc-3.3.3) Bug#259852: Bug#264931: marked as done (FTBFS on GNU/k*BSD (update libtool)) Bug#268799: Debian Bug#268799 -- forwarded upstream Bug#273533: marked as done (gcc-h8300-hms_2. hppa not supported) Bug#275289: Severity of "timezoneconf non-intuitive and misserably explained" Bug#287135: marked as done (FTBFS on kfreebsd-gnu) Bug#294739: marked as done (FTBFS on kfreebsd-gnu (libtool)) Bug#308113: marked as done (/usr/bin/rdfwml: unable to process rdf with ext. html entities) Bug#308113: Reassigning the bug to libxml2 Bug#313449: (no subject) Bug#336178: Personal Feeling Bug#340249: marked as done (tex-guy: build dependency on awk should be removed) Bug#358236: marked as done (FTBFS: doesn't recognize mips) Bug#361021: marked as done (sctplib_1:1.0.4-4(unstable/arm/smackdown): silent build breakage on arm) Bug#373106: marked as done (sctplib: FTBFS: bashisms in debian/rules) Bug#373788: marked as done (gs-afpl: Ghostscript 8.54 is now GPL, AFPL is no more) Bug#375560: marked as done (libxml-ruby1.8: new upstream release (0.3.8)) Bug#377704: Downgrade Bug#378990: marked as done (tex-guy: outdated upstream URL) Bug#388531: marked as done (libnids-dev: incorrect function return type in the manpage) Bug#390072: marked as done (aptitude reports libgtk-pixbuf-perl as broken and can't be upgraded) Bug#390195: [Paul Seelig] O: ethiop Bug#390429: Simple changes to build bcm5700 on 2.6.18 Bug#394370: patch Bug#394609: missing quotes Bug#394638: doesn't purge, either Bug#395255: Further Information: jargs now available in unstable. Bug#395313: marked as done (gcc-h8300-hms_2.95.2.ds-1(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: hppa not supported) Bug#395728: marked as done (mon: missing binary-indep target in debian/rules (Policy 4.9)) Bug#395877: Package lta embeds neon Bug#396256: marked as done (CVE-2006-4513: wvWare Multiple Integer Overflow Vulnerabilities) Bug#396358: marked as done (FTBFS: /tmp/ccuT6jNb.s:312: Error: cannot create floating-point number) Bug#396475: Celestia seg-faults on start-up Bug#396475: marked as done (Celestia seg-faults on start-up) Bug#396641: wallpaper-tray: The configuration dialog does not work Bug#396824: 'ttv --help' typos and incorrect grammar. Bug#396923: laptop-netconf: [INTL:de] Initial German debconf translation Bug#396923: marked as done (laptop-netconf: [INTL:de] Initial German debconf translation) Bug#397424: achilles: In EnergyClass::EatFood limit food to fcap is not working Bug#397559: aspectj: FTBFS: should use the sun-java5-* packages instead of j2sdk1.4 Bug#397706: marked as done (python-adns: FTBFS: adnsmodule.c:91: error: 'adns__rrt_typemask' undeclared here (not in a function)) Bug#397706: python-adns: FTBFS: adnsmodule.c:91: error: 'adns__rrt_typemask' undeclared here (not in a function) Bug#397839: marked as done (Please stop Build-Depending on automake) Bug#397839: Please stop Build-Depending on automake Bug#398181: dvipng: Dependencies Bug#398204: skribe-el: Incorrect dependency information Bug#398552: marked as done (slimp3: postinst fails: /var/lib/dpkg/info/slimp3.postinst: line 41: adduser: command not found) Bug#398552: slimp3: postinst fails: /var/lib/dpkg/info/slimp3.postinst: line 41: adduser: command not found Bug#398567: cipe-common: postinst fails: /var/lib/dpkg/info/cipe-common.postinst: line 22: update-modules: command not found Bug#398567: marked as done (cipe-common: postinst fails: /var/lib/dpkg/info/cipe-common.postinst: line 22: update-modules: command not found) Bug#398936: libapache2-mod-ifier: The module breaks POST processing Bug#399319: d4x: "clipboard monitor" feature doesn't work Bug#399405: FTBFS etch: inttypes.h: No such file or directory Bug#399677: patch for incorrect mimedecode case-sensitivity Bug#399748: brickos: please split package Bug#399749: brickos: Doesn't work with the new version of gcc-h8300-hms Bug#399749: marked as done (brickos: Doesn't work with the new version of gcc-h8300-hms) Bug#399869: skribe: Drop transitional build-dep on textutils Bug#400008: htdig: [INTL:ja] Updated Japanese po-debconf template translation (ja.po) Bug#400009: htdig: [INTL:ja] Updated Japanese po-debconf template translation (ja.po) Bug#400050: brickos_0.9.0.dfsg-1(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: invalid operands Bug#400050: marked as done (brickos_0.9.0.dfsg-1(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: invalid operands) Bug#400997: spe requires package python-wxversion Bug#401079: timezoneconf: Filed for removal, keep it out of Etch Bug#401081: libapache2-mod-layout: Filed for removal, keep it out of Etch Bug#67384: stick it in farther Bug#98225: :) But select my rudyard c2n_1.1.4-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED c2n 1.1.4-2 MIGRATED to testing CardDebtFree Overnight cbmconvert_2.1.3-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED cbmconvert 2.1.3-2 MIGRATED to testing c-cpp-reference 2.0.2-5 MIGRATED to testing cipe_1.5.4free-11_amd64.changes ACCEPTED cipe 1.5.4free-11 MIGRATED to testing DebtFree Immediately The decision was the right one. dgpsip 1.33-2 MIGRATED to testing dgpsip_1.35-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED dgpsip 1.35-1 MIGRATED to testing dlume 0.2.4-3 MIGRATED to testing dvipng 1.8-1 MIGRATED to testing edb_1.21-14_i386.changes ACCEPTED edb 1.21-14 MIGRATED to testing edb override disparity ee 1:1.4.2-7 MIGRATED to testing encore REMOVED from testing Etes-vous pret(e) a faire le plein d'idees ? ethiop_0.7-10_i386.changes ACCEPTED ethiop 0.7-10 MIGRATED to testing fbdesk_1.1.5-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED Fully DebtFree Immediately fv 3.0-15 MIGRATED to testing ghostcore REMOVED from testing gnump3d_2.9.9.9-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED gnump3d MIGRATED to testing grdesktop_0.23-3_amd64.changes ACCEPTED gsumi_1.1.0-7_amd64.changes ACCEPTED gsumi 1.1.0-7 MIGRATED to testing gwrapguile REMOVED from testing id3ren_1.1b0-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED id3ren 1.1b0-2 MIGRATED to testing Il etait une fois Noel chez Vertbaudet... imlib_1.9.14-32_amd64.changes ACCEPTED imlib override disparity -40%,-50% et meme -60% en AVANT-PREMIERE? Ouvrez Vite Exclusivite : livraison GRATUITE et meme ?60% sur la selection jhcore REMOVED from testing kde-style-klearlook MIGRATED to testing kipina 0.1.1-3 MIGRATED to testing komi 1.04-2 MIGRATED to testing kwave 0.7.7-2 MIGRATED to testing lambdacore REMOVED from testing laptop-netconf_0.9.6.6_amd64.changes ACCEPTED laptop-netconf MIGRATED to testing late 0.1.0-9 MIGRATED to testing libapache2-mod-ifier REMOVED from testing libform-validator-ruby 0.1.4-3 MIGRATED to testing libglade_0.17-8_i386.changes ACCEPTED libglade 1:0.17-8 MIGRATED to testing libgtk-trayicon-ruby 0.1.0-5 MIGRATED to testing libnids_1.21-0_i386.changes ACCEPTED libnids_1.21-0_i386.changes is NEW libspf2_1.2.5-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED libsrs2_1.0.18-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED libtermios-ruby 0.9.4-6 MIGRATED to testing lineak-kdeplugins 2:0.9-4 MIGRATED to testing linpqa_0.51-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED linpqa 0.51-5 MIGRATED to testing lyskom-tty-client_0.13.alfa.8-4_amd64.changes ACCEPTED lyskom-tty-client 0.13.alfa.8-4 MIGRATED to testing mon_0.99.2-9_amd64.changes ACCEPTED mon 0.99.2-9 MIGRATED to testing nasm-mode 20020330-1 MIGRATED to testing nbio 2.0-14 MIGRATED to testing nco 2.9.9-3 MIGRATED to testing oaf_0.6.10-8_arm.changes ACCEPTED oaf 0.6.10-8 MIGRATED to testing Oasis marriage. OutOfDebt Overnight pay the price or else plplot_5.6.1-10_i386.changes ACCEPTED plplot 5.6.1-10 MIGRATED to testing positron 1:1.1-2 MIGRATED to testing Processed: A fixed package is uploaded to, waiting for sponsor Processed: Changing gs-afpl bug to gs-gpl package Processed: Debian Bug#268799 -- forwarded upstream Processed: kwave: does not always start aRtsd Processed: merge 382784 396641 Processed: merging 394346 394370 Processed: patch Processed: reassign 399405 avr-libc 1:1.4.5-1 Processed: reassign 400923 to multi-gnome-terminal Processed: Reassigning the bug to libxml2 Processed: reopening 378417 Processed: Re: Severity of "timezoneconf non-intuitive and misserably explained" Processed: Re: [xml/sgml-pkgs] Bug#308113: Reassigning the bug to libxml2 Processed: severity of 275289 is serious Processed: severity of 367525 is serious Processed: severity of 397839 is minor, block 376047 with 397839 Processed: severity of 397839 is minor, block 397839 with 397838 Processed: severity of 400923 is serious Processed: tagging 182827 Processed: tagging 183621 Processed: tagging bugs that are closed by packages in NEW as pending Processed: unblock 397839 with 397838 Processed: your mail Processing of c2n_1.1.4-2_amd64.changes Processing of cbmconvert_2.1.3-2_amd64.changes Processing of cipe_1.5.4free-11_amd64.changes Processing of dgpsip_1.35-1_i386.changes Processing of edb_1.21-14_i386.changes Processing of ethiop_0.7-10_i386.changes Processing of fbdesk_1.1.5-2_amd64.changes Processing of gnump3d_2.9.9.9-2_i386.changes Processing of grdesktop_0.23-3_amd64.changes Processing of gsumi_1.1.0-7_amd64.changes Processing of id3ren_1.1b0-2_amd64.changes Processing of imlib_1.9.14-32_amd64.changes Processing of laptop-netconf_0.9.6.6_amd64.changes Processing of libglade_0.17-8_i386.changes Processing of libnids_1.21-0_i386.changes Processing of libspf2_1.2.5-4_i386.changes Processing of libsrs2_1.0.18-2_i386.changes Processing of linpqa_0.51-5_i386.changes Processing of lyskom-tty-client_0.13.alfa.8-4_amd64.changes Processing of mon_0.99.2-9_amd64.changes Processing of oaf_0.6.10-8_arm.changes Processing of plplot_5.6.1-10_i386.changes Processing of python-adns_1.1.0-2_amd64.changes Processing of quick-lounge-applet_2.12.1-2_amd64.changes Processing of rekall_2.2.6-5_i386.changes Processing of skribe_1.2g-1_i386.changes Processing of slimp3_4.2.6-3_amd64.changes Processing of superd_0.0.3-4_amd64.changes Processing of tex-guy_1.2.4-6_amd64.changes Processing of wmmatrix_0.2-6_amd64.changes Processing of xmms-kjofol_0.95.0debian3-4_amd64.changes python-adns_1.1.0-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED python-adns 1.1.0-2 MIGRATED to testing python-pmw 1.2-5 MIGRATED to testing quick-lounge-applet_2.12.1-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED rekall_2.2.6-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED relay-ctrl REMOVED from testing revolution 0.5-4 MIGRATED to testing romeo 0.5.0-9 MIGRATED to testing sarien MIGRATED to testing sctplib 1:1.0.4-5 MIGRATED to testing sendemail 1.52-4 MIGRATED to testing skribe_1.2g-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED slimp3_4.2.6-3_amd64.changes ACCEPTED slimp3 4.2.6-3 MIGRATED to testing socketapi 1.7.0-6 MIGRATED to testing statdataml REMOVED from testing superd_0.0.3-4_amd64.changes ACCEPTED tex-guy_1.2.4-6_amd64.changes ACCEPTED tix 8.4.0-6 MIGRATED to testing turkey 1.34.0-3 MIGRATED to testing ud 0.7.1-20 MIGRATED to testing vflib2 2.25.1-20 MIGRATED to testing vflib3 3.6.13.dfsg-1 MIGRATED to testing wallpaper-tray 0.4.6-4 MIGRATED to testing wmmatrix_0.2-6_amd64.changes ACCEPTED wv_1.2.4-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED wv 1.2.4-1 MIGRATED to testing xawtv 3.95-6 MIGRATED to testing xmms-kjofol_0.95.0debian3-4_amd64.changes ACCEPTED The last update was on 17:49 GMT Sun Aug 16. 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