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Bug#398552: slimp3: postinst fails: /var/lib/dpkg/info/slimp3.postinst: line 41: adduser: command not found

Package: slimp3
Version: 4.2.6-2
Severity: serious
Usertags: grid5000


During a piuparts run over all the packages in etch, I ran into a
problem with your package:
  Setting up slimp3 (4.2.6-2) ...
  /var/lib/dpkg/info/slimp3.postinst: line 41: adduser: command not
  chown: `slimp3:nogroup': invalid user
  dpkg: error processing slimp3 (--configure):
   subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1

adduser is not essential, you need to depend on it.

The full log is available from 

The piuparts run was done on about 40 AMD64 nodes of the Grid'5000
platform, using a clean chroot containing an etch i386 environment
(not unstable).  Internet was not accessible from the build systems.

About Grid'5000:
Grid'5000 is an highly reconfigurable experimental Grid platform
gathering 9 sites and featuring a total of 5000 CPUs. It serves as a
testbed for research in Grid Computing. See https://www.grid5000.fr/
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